Must Read: FATE (16+)… Part 50


A Story written by Purityval
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“Sir, there is a problem.” He said into the phone parked beside the road where he saw their car.

“I lost them.” He repeated

“Yes, a guy, I couldn’t see his face. He helped her escape.”

“Ok, on it.”


Gerald paced the length of his sitting room confused. How could everything that was already in place start going wrong all of a sudden. Gulping the last content of his cup, he picked his phone from the table and dialed Bob to inform him of the latest development; they need to device another plan.

“We need to see.” He said as the phone connected.

“It wasn’t successful. She escaped with the help of someone.” He repeated.

“What’s the next step?” He asked impatiently.

“Ok, I’m waiting.” He said and threw the phone on the couch.

Pouring another shot, he gulped it down before sending the cup flying against the wall shouting.



“Damn it.” He cursed loudly after the call. “What’s the force behind this girl?”

Suddenly everything was taking a new dimension and they need to come up with a plan as fast as they could before they are caught off guard.


To Be Continued…

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