A Story written by Purityval
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Taking a sip, Bob surveyed the tip of the cup as the drink burned its way down his throat. Putting down the cup, he started.

“The person that broke into your house, what did he take?”

“Nothing; I guess it’s a petty thief. He couldn’t gain entrance.” He replied pouring another shot for himself.

“I have told you to get yourself a security man around here.” Bob said taking a deep breath. He took another sip placing the cup back on the stool.

“Have you heard from her?” Gerald asked for the umpteenth time.

“No.” he replied calmly.

Gerald stared at him confused. His calmness was beginning to upset him. He wondered if he has a sinister plan. “Then call her let’s know her location and finish up with this once and for all.” He said with wide eyes.

“Gerald calm down,” he started. “We need to be cautious about this. For now it’s assumed that I don’t know anything that is happening. So let’s wait till she contacts me before we can take any action.”

“Why? Why wait for her to contact you?”

“Am I supposed to know about this? Calm down man. You are panicking and that’s not good at all.” Bob said calmly once more.

“Damn!!” He cursed hitting the couch. “Killing her father wasn’t even this hard.”

“Calm down,” Bob started throwing him a glance, “we will wrap this up very soon.”

He was about saying something when Bob’s phone starting ringing. Picking it up from the armrest, he nodded and cleared his voice, “It’s Claire.” He said and pressed the receiver button before turning it to speak out.

“Hello sweetheart.”

“Uncle I’m in trouble,” Claire cried. “Someone is after my life. He tried to kill me…. he tried to kill me.” She cried.

“What? Who? How? Where are you?” he asked with faked seriousness.

Claire kept crying without a word.

“Sweatheart calm down, I’m on my way to you now but I need to know where you are.”

“I’m in Paradise hotel.” She said crying.

“Ok, I want you to stay there. I’m on my way with the SCD ok?” he said

She was still crying before he dropped the call.

To Be Continued…

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