A Story written by Purityval
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They both heaved big sighs of relieve as Gerald poured another round of shot for them.

“Now call your guy and tell him to move as fast as he could to Paradise hotel. Tell him that incase they demand for a name, he should tell them that it’s Bob.”

Picking his phone Gerald placed a call to the hired killer and gave him the piece of information.

Everything was working according to plan. As Owel and his colleague came in, she had played the audio file and showed them the pictures. She had also handed the file and the CDs to them after explaining the contents. The officers had been shocked but did well to hide it.

After showing them the evidence, she sold them the plan she had orchestrated with Davis (Sly) in other to draw Bob or the killer out to them. They had agreed to the excellent plan and urged her to make the call.

After the call, Owel ordered his subordinate to go down to the reception to keep watch and alert them of any suspicious movement.


To Be Continued…

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