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She had just been debriefed, made her statement and asked if there was anybody she could call to take her home. She had dialed Lizzy but her line was switched off. She’d decided to wait for a moment to see Owel before leaving.

Owel had handed them over to the backup that arrived at the hotel and headed out with his subordinate to Gerald’s house. As the team drove them out, she kept looking through the glass to know if she could see him; Davis and yes she saw him. Their eyes had communicated volumes as the car moved by. He’d given her a smile which melted the remaining part of her heart.

She was still waiting when Owel led Gerald in cuffs. Gerald avoided her gaze as she stared at him, tears coating her eyes. Everything seemed to stand still as he walked past her into another holding away from where Bob was.

“Have you been debriefed?” Owel asked coming out from the holding.

“Yes.” She nodded.

He called a young agent and told him to drive her home as he promised to handle everything and keep in touch with her every step of the way till they were charged to court.

To Be Continued…

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