A Story written by Purityval
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She walked into her compound and met her gate man who looked shocked. The officer had dropped her in front of her gate and waited till she got inside before driving off.

“Welcome ma.” He greeted

“Thank you Musa.” She replied and walked weakly towards the door. As she pushed the door open, that fragrance wafted through her respiratory system. She stiffened at the door before walking in slowly into the sitting room and behold him standing at the middle of the room, looking towards her direction.

She stood still for a moment before taking quick stride towards him; his opened arms. He enveloped her in a bear hug as she finally let out all the bottled up tears which had been waiting to be released.

When she finally got herself under control, she made to say something but his lips pushed the words back to her throat as they entangled themselves in a bolt of emotional kissing. They kissed for some good minutes before she said those words which she’d always dreaded saying to any man.

“Take me, make love to me.” She said with an emotional pitched voice before collapsing in his hands.

Without hesitation, he carried her and headed up to her room.


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