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Must Read: Fausa Eleja ‘Season 4 (18+)… Part 20


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Tolu: bobo are you there?????

me: you said?

Tolu: I have been asking you series of questions since I landed my story

Me: what was that……?

Tolu: so I was just talking to my chair since abi???????

Me: not like that, your story made me realized my bad attempt in the past also……

Tolu: what are your pasts? Share it with me..

Me: I left the joy for sorrow,, I left who loves heartedly with who that pretend to love

Tolu: but why do you left the good?????

Me: don’t mind me jare, I fell into bad hand because of S£x

Tolu: S£x????? What is there in S£x??

Me: “”hummmmn see S£x-professor wey dey ask me the nature of S£x” ….nothing but her close marking quickly discouraged me…..

Tolu: discouraged you? Oga o

Me: but why are you still single till now upon all those riches you met

Tolu: believe me I pity those olosho girls out there…..though some meet their luck during the process while some meet their death and the third group got nothing but suffered from serious relationship and good home

Me: but which one is yours????

Tolu: @eyes change@ choose yourself

Me: am sorry dear

Tolu: don’t dear me again….and besides who gave you the order to be calling me dear????

Me: am sorry my boss…….sorry, my wife

Tolu: who is your wife?? you better don’t come to that

Me: why that,, can’t you be my wife? Afterall, you are single likewise me too……so?

Tolu: so what?

Me: I am sorry jare, don’t mind me…….
+after some months, we started love plays and like play like play invitation card is out……
We wedded and we are living happily, but we are not having our own child for the past 10years we have been together…….I never heard anything again from fausa neither seyi but I wish I could meet seyi again, because no home sweet like seyi’s holly hole……….the room was like a paradise though fausa’s too was like that before, but after the miseries, it was like hell…but right now am missing both of them…….how will I handle the situation of barren between I and tolu now??????? Watch it out in FAUSA ELEJA SEASON 5


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  1. Okay gud of yu nice story more grease to your elbow

    by skero on Oct 18, 2016 at 5:33 pm Reply

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