Must Read: Fausa Eleja ‘Season 4 (18+)… Part 3


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She entered my room sarcastically and ordered for my audience in a brave tone

me: i knew it, i knew already that you will come, but let me promise you something, the murderer you called a husband will be rot in jail or probably be executed….

Fausa: lol… are funny, you think you are smart right? But you are best of a better fool…,…..what proof do you have to show that he killed your useless friend?

Me: haaaaaa fausa! Did you just called seye (our saviour) a useless friend?

Fausa: yes, what else is he? Do you think i didn’t hear your discussion the day he came to asked you why you dump seyi for me? I heard everything but I let a dumb ear, and it was then  hve harvested an hatred toward him inside my heart ever, but produce a fake love and associate with him….

Me: haaaaa obinrin (woman!) so you are like this? But how could you do this to me? Why did you leave me and you claim to love me heartedly?

Fausa: lol, do you think i love you with all my heart?

Me: what do you mean?

Fausa: i didn’t love you with my whole heart, though it get to a time that i developed a strong feeling for you but i must accomplished my mission on you…..,i didn’t love or doing everything for you intentionally! I have a plan to execute which i have done

me: what plan are you talking about?????????

fausa: plan to decouple you and seyi and which I have done ……… you think am a fool?

Me: what are you talking about? I left seyi for you because of the love i have for you

fausa: who do you love? Do you think i didn’t hear what you and this your useless guy called femi or what his name discussed?

Me: who are you talking about????

fausa: this guy that toasted me in your compound and who was harassing me sexually, and tried to Molest…….

me: what plans did we made?

Fausa: he asked for your help to treat my Fork up..,. which you obliged on………….i heard it with my both ears on that day and that’s why i intended to make a fast attempt before you, to decouple both you and seyi inorder to lay it as a lesson to all men like you that uses all ladies that shows interest to them among others in the midst of a group for granted……

Me: but how could you be of sure that i’m going to do as i was sent?

Fausa: shioor(hiss) who do you think you can fool?

me: i didn’t mean to follow his wish but i fell to your hand due to the love you showed to me, and mostly due to the provision you made to supply my thirsty

fausa: thirsty ‘looking amazing’ what do you mean by thirsty

me: seyi didn’t allow me to S£x her even till date

fausa: so you guys haven’t for once had S£x together before?

Me: yes because she presented herself a responsible wife and not like you a nothing but a slot

fausa: thanks for the complement but i will get back to you sooner

me: me???? what do you have to hook me down? Whether you like it or not, your murderer called a husband will face the justice…….

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 8, 2016 — 9:09 pm

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