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Must Read: Fausa Eleja ‘Season 5 (18+)… Part 15


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After a year, I was given a transfer to our branch in abuja to act as the branch acting manager………..I discussed this with tolu and she wasn’t happy about it atall…though myself wasn’t happy atall because am going to miss amoke’s service,,,,,,,,, likewise amoke too is going to missed me

Tolu: do you think am going to feel comfortable with your absence in the house?????

Me: honey you must try and be adapted…what if I travel out of the country…

Tolu: that one is different now, not like this one that office transferred you to

Me: don’t worry, amoke will be keeping you company

Tolu: is amoke my husband???don’t let me get angry ooo

Me: sorry dear…..don’t worry I will be coming home often as possible

Tolu: can’t we go together???? Let me also write for a transfer letter

Me: lol, if you like but remember no more post to post you to again

Tolu: hummmmnnn no problem sha God will be with you

….I hardly got the chance to S£x amoke again on before I was preparing to leave for abuja……………..the day I was leaving I tried my possible best to S£x amoke………….I dropped a sedated drug inside tolu’s drink that night and she slept like a tired elephant……infact I and amoke started the show beside her in our master bedroom beside tolu before we switch to the barcony, from barcony to the sitting room, from sitting room to the dinning, dinning to her room with different styles I can’t tell if those styles were in record of S£x styles…..I Forked her so mercilessly and pleasurably…….that night’s S£x was damn memorable ever……………….the following day I left for abuja and I started a new life, I do comes home once in a month even sometimes once in two months……….abuja was like a hell to me because I do my thing all alone………no fine girls in the office, only like 3 of the workers were beautiful but not that Sekxy, 2 of them gave me the attention and as the branch acting manager, I used the advantage to Fork them anytime I wish in the office……”Why are ladies out there so cheap like this????”

To Be Continued…

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