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Bissme: don’t worry dear, its gonna be fine, and beside the doctor didn’t allow anyone to enter……..

Me: ok, take good care of her……….
….she took her leave the following day and I didn’t see her after that week till the third week

She came back around 7:00pm that third week evening……….

Me: bissme, what happen to you, where have you been all this days?

Bissme: I’m sorry dear, have been in the hospital since that day….

Me: how mama’s health now????

Bissme: she is now fine and healthy, thanks for your sympathy,,,,I really appreciate your humanity, you are a darling sir………

Me: but can you marry an old man like me???

Bissme: who told you, you are old?????

Me: am I not???

Bissme: though you might have had a child grown as my age ooooo or have me as the last born sister in your family, but there are many old man who older than you that we ladies nowadays can marry

Me: all because of their money! Is that no so?????

Bissme: not atall, some girls love them heartedly

Me: no dey bobo me jur, who go see young rich man and go for old rich man

Bissme: na you sabi, leave me jur, I sha love you

Me: ok ooooo I love you too

Four (4) month later, because of the advice I was given,, I decided not to have S£x with any lady again for good a year………but on the April of that month I was feeling so hurny and I was willing to sample a kittycat…..though bissme keep coming my house but I didn’t know why she also keep herself away from me for some days but a month ago she was provocating too much but I didn’t look her side. she will wore little little dressing swaying her sagged cleavage and bombshot booty around the sitting room when I chose to be in the sitting room, disturbing at night in bed was seriously encountered…..I decided to travel home to see my wife so that I can get relief of this hurny things……………I went home since 6months ago I left lagos………I didn’t know the excuses I am going to give this girl…..for good six months I never return home, I hardly call and whenever she calls me I won’t response normally………………so to make the story short, I went back home on a purpose but I met something so surprising and amazing………….

To Be Continued…

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