Must Read: Fausa Eleja ‘Season 5 (18+)… Part 7


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Tolu: but what????? You hate her and I suggested we shouldn’t accept her at onset oooooo

Me: not what you thinking but I just don’t like how she use to dress, walk, talk, and make-up…… know it will be so embarrassing to us if she present herself like this to our visitor… serious she is so irritating

Tolu: is that all?????

Me: yes now…@meanwhile I’m doing all that just to blindfolded tolu toward the truth affection I have for the girl….

Tolu::: ok don’t worry I will find something to do about that

Me: what do you intend to do????

Tolu: leave that to me, it’s female things……..

Me: ok oooooooo

We ended on that and I could see many changes in amoke after 5months…..tolu began to change amoke to my taste, after a year amoke had fully blended to the lesson she received from tolu….amoke was damn tushed and s*xy**….she wore relevant dresses suited to any occasion, she wore jeans trouser or any skimpy trouser throughout the day, sometimes s*xy** skimpy gown, and when in the kitchen she wore mini-skirt or sometimes bombshot……like seriously sometimes I saw amoke in bombshot or mini-skirt I almost got mad because she was damn beautiful and curvy, she had also blend to make-up artistics aspect as well……she was now a very s*xy** maid that I couldn’t wait to feel her assets………… will I go about it?????what should I do??????? When should I start??????how do I start????????? Where should I start??????????? I hope she accept.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 25, 2016 — 5:30 pm

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