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….I went behind her as if I wana grab her from behind but just to show her, I bent at the same level she was, and I rested at her back as if she wanna back a neonate called alabi ……immediately my body touches hers, I felt like someone in paradise, I could smell the kind of aroma that emerged out of my manhood and I could tell how strong, long my erected was at that moment, she wanted to raise her head but I insisted she remain like that till I finished, she couldn’t restricted because she really have fear of me and I remained in that position for minutes without a move………I taught her the way but I could feel how soft, firm and fresh her booty was because I leveled and place my knostle with the level of her booty from behind as if I am giving a doggy style,,,,,I intentionally dropped my hand on her Bosom after I have done with the shelve but not long I took it away from it…she couldn’t do anything than just shaking her body telling me to rise up….I rose up and by this time her mini skirt had gotten up farther than it was before………..chai I couldn’t withstand it anylonger…..I place my hand to raise the skirt up after the lesson and to start working on the kitty cat from behind………….
But I hear a footstep from the stair and I quickly discharged her from touch your toe status I brought her to…….she rose up and I could see almost half of her yellow firm Bosom out of the plastic bra…….I hurriedly looked back and I couldn’t find anyone coming, so I quickly instructed her to wait that I wanted to help her bring something out between her two Bosom…………..I moved close to where she stood, and I forwarded my hand between her Bosom, before my hand could reach her Bosom I heard….”Gbaaaaaaas”..

To Be Continued…

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