Must Read: Fausa Eleja ‘Season 6 (18+)… Part 15



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By the time her Bosom rested on my forehead, I forgot everything I was doing or thinking about, I brought the oranges out of there cage and I started manipulating on them, squeezing so very
strong, as if that’s the end of it, she was just screaming

“com in dear”

“just like that”

“please have me baeby”

“I love you dear”

“oooohhh eh ahhhh baby”..

“You are a darling” …..

I raised her legs up and I removed her pant, I fled up her skirt and I unhook my trouser, brought out my pammy, inserted it to her kit and
something sweet began, I was on this jacking position for about 5minutes when I remembered what doctor told me at the hospital about condom, I hurriedly pull out my Joystick and I got a shrunk on my Joystick asap, she wasn’t confortable at all, she
thought I wanted to off load my suit and she started unbotton her shirt, by the time my eyes went to her Unclad firm Bosom I got an alert on my Joystick that she was ready for another round………..

I didn’t resisted and I turn her over, backing me, holding and resting on the tip of the table, I went through her from behind, I was banging the frosh booty from behind in a doggy style with a
strong force……….

she started making different sounds but when
she got to a point she was mentioning my names, it makes me remember how bissme used to called me by those names when we were having S£x, this sound brought back my previous thought about fausa and bissme and I got a final shrunk , , she asked me what’s wrong because she has never satisfied, I told her I wasn’t happy because I was transferred back to lagos, she also felt unhappy instantly because a quick service of my
pammy won’t be available again for her anymore, we cracked it as a joke and she felt like to follow me to lagos but she said she couldn’t because of her 2 children and her husband…..

she promised to be visiting me in lagos..

she left me and I informed the other colleagues of my exit, they all felt unhappy because they claimed to love my services much better than to that of the other branch manager, they said he used to give query as if he was dashing out credit cards……..

2:00pm that afternoon, I closed for the day..I was inside my car thinking of what next to

“I have little period to spend in abuja, and I must get the address at all cost because, I only have alternative here in abuja, once I get to lagos, there won’t be anyway out again”…..

I was seriously thinking of where the diary may be. I got tired of thinking……..

I started the car engine and I went home to make
arrangement for my packing…………..

I quickly started the parking of my load and during the packing I saw the diary I was looking for, and I also saw the address, I was so happy and I felt

I took the diary for examination and I worked through it from the beginning till end, during the course of the reading, I saw something that was so pitiful………..

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 16, 2016 — 10:01 pm

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