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Fausa: please what else are you looking for?????? Shey be you have killed her atlast…….you got to be shamed, you impregnated
your own daughter, and you also led her to grave yourself, what kind of life do you think you are living??????

A man having S£x with his own daughter, big shame to you…….so you are here for her body or what?????

Me: please what’s the meaning of all this??????

what are you talking about?????

Who is my daughter, who are you talking
about please

Fausa: okk, if you don’t know, bisodun is your daughter, the pregnancy I took away that time that we both think it was mr john’s wasn’t his, it was yours and you are her father…………

now your daughter had died along with pregnancy you was responsible for….

Me: am I dreaming????? Did you just said bissme is my daughter???????,

bissme that I used as a S£x machine??????

Bissme that was pregnant for me???????

Fausa: oga oooooooo, so you used your daughter the way used me at my own time??????

Well that’s the God will (crying)

Me: yeeee I’m doomed…….

Fausa: not only doomed you are nothing but a devil (crying)

Me: this blame wasn’t mine, you are to blame

Fausa: how ???? Tell me, just tell me how, you this shameless man

Me: I never knew I have a child somewhere, and this was your fault…you never tell me anything concerning that before and after you left me…………

Fausa: I didn’t know either………I discovered that when your so called friend came to claim for his own, I have only two daughters and I never knew if the second child was for my husband (mr john) or your friend, I took both of them to the
hospital and they were tested and confirmed by our family doctor that they weren’t my husband’s blood….but one is yours and the other is for your friend…

(Crying extra heavily)

Me: please I don’t get you, which of my friend, or are you still calling mr.john my friend????

Fausa: please just leave me alone and get out of this house….get out before the count of 3….if you proof stubborn I will shout out loud……….

@sounding harshly and in reclusive manner@

Me: okk….. Please don’t shout, I am leaving already……………I stood up from my sit and took a leave walking so sluggishly and  in recoiling manner out of the room……………

I stayed for like 30minutes inside the car thinking over what she said inside……….

“What was she saying????”

“Which friend what she talking about??????”

“Am I really sleeping with my own

“Am I really befriending and impregnated my own

“What sort of life is this????????”

“How could such things happening to me??????”

“God what did I do????????”

“Then what might happen to bisodun and her

“Can someone tell me there where about??????”

“I received no response from any spirit inside the car and I decided to make a secret investigation myself…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 18, 2016 — 5:48 pm

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