Must Read: Fausa Eleja ‘Season 6 (18+)… Part 9


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Me: I let a dumb ear, I took my leave immediately I dropped the both envelopes and I also dropped message for her to check the contents inside the envelope before bissme and to decide whether to inform bissme about what is inside or not………………… I headed back home and throughout the day was a thoughtful day for me, I thought thought and thought and I got so weak, is it true I am not infected??????but how could that be possible, how someone I have been banging mercilessly without condom  be infected with HIV virus and I couldn’t got involved in such status????????? She was infected and I was banging her as I like, how come I didn’t got contracted????7?? Did I have any inbuilt condom in me????when I am not a monster,,,,,,,, where on earth this kind of a thing is happening?????????? But how is it possible bissme is Fausa’s daughter??????????how on earth is this happening?????banging mother and daughter?????? Does it make any sense????????is this not a curse to me???? It doesn’t mean anything jare once I am no more marrying her and any out of them, I only want my child and nothing more and besides, fausa has no child for me before she left me upon all the S£x we have together,,,,, but now that I have known bissme’s parent and that her parent knows me like money, how am I going to go about my plans??????????? I seriously need someone to help me out with a good idea……who is in the best way to help me????????………@.I picked up my phone and dialed seye’s number, it wasn’t going through and it was on voice mail mode……..I dropped the phone and I welcome back my previous thought…………..”Does that means I will have a blood from fausa again?????????????? That is right now, the mother of my child is fausa’s daughter that means fausa’s blood……..haaaaaaaaa so I will have a blood of my enemy mr john as my child as well….what kind of life is this?????……….but does it make any sense if I have child from my x-girlfriend’s daughter,?????? This is a serious calamity……what should I do??????should I run away from both of them???????????.come think of it, is it proper I run away????? A day like yesterday when fausa ran away, didn’t we meet again?????so that is how mine too is going to happen, if I try to run away now, we will surely meet again…and if I run away, I don’t know what can happen to my baby, I don’t want the baby to be infected. So I must keep this baby, because I don’t know if this is the only child God wanted for me, because I have sampled many kits and none of them ever tell me they missed their period talkless of having pregnant for me…what can I do now?????????…I was on this thought when I notice my phone was ringing,,,,,,,…. I hurriedly left my present position to pick the phone up, it was seye I thought was the call coming from,,…………by the time I picked it up from the chair, it has stopped, it happened to be a number I saved with fausa,…………..should I pick her call or not????????whatelse this woman want from me??????? I am very sure she had opened the envelops and she must have seen the content, so is she trying to mock me or claiming her child is not infected?????????? Should I pick it or not???? Is better I didn’t pick it jare…….. I missed the first round, second round, third rounds, forth rounds, fifth rounds and when it rings again the sixth time, I decided to pick it up.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 12, 2016 — 7:22 pm

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