Written by Lola Hikmat…

The following day she stopped at the hospital and tests were carried out on her. The doctor told her the result is going to be out in 3hours time. When she got to the Shop Lola kept asking her what is wrong with marriage. She merely told her to forget it. 3hours later she went to the hospital and she was told she had an infection and drugs were given to her. Part of her was disappointed, because she hoped to be pregnant instead. She decided to put her energy in her work and was thinking of diverting a little into event planning and decoration. She shared her opinion with Lola and Lola thought it was a cool idea. They started working on it.
Stella was happy she had something else to work on and focus her mind on instead of Dare. She couldn’t help but think of when he is going to complete his project so that Tiara can be out of her face. She always tried to avoid them at home.
She was in her room undressing when she had a knock
“Come in” she called out
Dare entered “How are you doing”
“I am fine”
“I have been meaning to ask you since but I barely see you, have you been to the hospital”
“Yes, the doctor said it was just an infection”
She felt she saw am expression passed over his face momentarily but she wasn’t sure since it was very fast.
“Okay, do you have any plan for tomorrow’s evening”
“Good I was invited to an event and I want you to come with me”
“Okay ” she said
He left her room. Dare was disappointed because he hoped she was pregnant at least that will get her to stay in the marriage. He shook the thought from his mind he was not going to trap her in a marriage she didn’t want to be in.

To Be Continued…

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