Must Read: Finding Love… Part 29


Written by Lola Hikmat…

He smiled and shut her up with a hot kiss, she responded passionately, in that mood, he took her hands down his pintle,she felt the impulse running through her veins. She stopped to look at his face, he nodded in affirmation and smiled, she smiled, slide down his lower region and gave him the best Mouthaction he could imagine. They spent their wedding night giving themselves pleasure till early the next day.
“This is the best wedding present” Dare told himself
They spent their honeymoon exploiting Greece and enjoying the atmosphere Stella decided to enjoy her stay cause she knew things were going to change once they are back home She made sure each day was special and Dare played the right man. She was beginning to deeply like him and hope it doesn’t get her into problems.
They have one more week to spend in Greece when Dare got a call me that his company has been approved and licensed to start operating. They had to return to Nigeria immediately. When she was packing Dare entered
“I am sorry we have to leave early ” he said
“It is okay”
“I promise to bring you back when everything is settled”
She thought they might be divorced by then and decided not to get her hopes high.
They returned to Nigeria and both became extremely busy. Stella had to attend to so many issues in the shop though Lola did a very efficient job, while Dare was busy with his company. They lived like friends and got along pretty well.
At dinner that night Dare told her of a friend who was coming to stay over
“Stella , one of my business associats is coming over to help with a project” he announced
“Will he be staying over? ” she inquired
“It is a she actually, and yes she will be staying over”
“Oh, okay, you are the man, when is she coming
“In a week time”
She took care of the guestroom awaiting her arrival during the weekend, but couldn’t help but wonder what sort of relationship they share and she didn’t want to questions him so as not to sound jealous.
The following week came with little events, the shop was running smoothly, her only concern was Lola who has been acting strange for a while now.
She got home and met his car in the compound, he already told her his guest would be arriving that day. She entered the house and met one of the most beautiful girl she has ever seen. Her husband noticed her presence and welcomed her, that got the attention of his friend who was involved in a serious discussion with him.
“Welcome dear”
“Let me introduce you, Tiara meet my wife Stella, Stella this is Tiara” he introduced
They shook hands and exchange pleasantries.
“Nice to meet you” Tiara told her
“The pleasure is mine” She replied
“But dear I used to remember you preferring them a lot curvy” she directed at him
“Excuse me?” Stella said
“No offense but you don’t struck me as his type”
“Tiara you haven’t changed ” Dare cut in, before the exchange got heated.
Stella decided there and then that she can’t like the Tiara lady. She went upstairs and changed leaving both of them discussing. She returned and met them discussing, she decided to check on the cook. Dinner was served. While they were eating, Tiara decided to break the silence…
“I remember you not liking shrimps” She pointed out
“I don’t like it still” Dare replied with a smile
They kept on discussing, while Stella was quiet throughout the meal watching the exchange between her husband and his friend. She went to her room to retire for the night. But her husband did not enter his room till very late into the night.
***Chapter 6*****
Stella was beginning to dislike the arrangement, she is due to collect her trust fund next week, she just can’t understand why Dare keeps spending most of his time with the Tiara girl. She found them everywhere in the house laughing, playing, talking and most time they come back from work late. He always complain of having a lot to do in the office concerning the new project. They communicate once in a while, because he is always busy with Tiara.
“Hey” he called out to her when he returned that evening
“Welcome” She said
“You look bored what is wrong”
“Thank God you noticed, where is Tiara”
“Outside getting some things from the car”
The subject of their discussion entered, greeted her and faced her husband
“I will need your help choosing what I will to wear to the function”
“Alright” he replied”
She remembered their agreement, but it is too early, they got married a month and a half ago, he is no difference from the other men. Once he served her purpose she was just going to pretend as if nothing had happen between them.
She was getting ready for bed when she heard them leave the house, he already told her he had a function to attend, she was only angry he didn’t bother to invite her.
She went to bed that night feeling sad and pissed. The next morning was a Saturday she decided to go visit her father.
“Good morning” she met them at the table and greeted them
She continued facing her husband “I want to go see my dad”
“Is there anything wrong with him”
“No I just miss him”
“Okay don’t be long”
“Take all your time, I promise you I won’t let him miss you” Tiara cut in.
She just left the house not bothering to reply her. She got to her father’s house and spent a lot of time with her dad, she really enjoyed her stay because they had a lot to discuss. When she left she got Lola’s call
“Hello dear” she said into the speaker
“Hello, where are you, I want to come spend the weekend  with you” Lola said.
“Okay no problem I am on my way home, from dad’s place”
“Can you just pick me up at the gate”
“All right”
She drove to Lola’s house and picked her up by the gate. They decided to go to the market and get fresh fish before going home. They got home to meet Tiara’s head on Dare’s laps. they were fast asleep.

To Be Continued…

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