Must Read: Finding Love… Part 31


Written by Lola Hikmat…

“Sir a parcel for you” his secretary said.
Dare turned his attention to his secretary
“Who brought that? ” he inquired
“A man sir, he said it should be delivered to you”
“OK then, you can drop it and leave”
“Yes sir” his secretary said exiting his office

He took the envelope and unsealed it, he was dumbfounded at what he saw; It was Stella lying almost unclad on another man’s dad. All his blood rushed to his head.

Something stucked him to give the  pictures a second check, He found out that their was a  guy in bed with her, he was on singlet and boxer, he was cuddling Stella while Stella’s eyes were closed, it was obvious she was fast asleep and wasn’t aware the pictures were taken.

“Who was taking those pictures” Dare Thought.
Definitely, there was a third person in the room.

“Stella is not the wayward type.  Yes, she is mad at me but i can bet she would never stoop so low to cheating on me. I know her for that.. This must be a Total Set up” Dare thought

His mind became so disturbed, he started thinking in different angles..

“Why could have set her up?”
“why were the pictures sent to him? ”
” why at this time when his home was already in mess? ”
His head began to pound as he seeks answers to these questions..
He immediately placed a call through to Subomi
“Hey bro, sup”
“I am fine”
“Where are you?”
“I think there is a problem, i need to see you ASAP”  Dare Said

“Ok i will be at your office in a few” Subomi Said and hung up.

When Subomi arrived, Dare took his time to explain all that has happened to him, When he was through with his story, subomi felt disappointed…

“why didn’t you tell me you were into a deal? Why didn’t you tell me the whole marriage was fake? You fooled everyone including me, Dare how could you!?” Subomi asked feeling bittered

“Look Man, i am sorry, i thought i could handle it all, now i have no one to turn to except you. Please help me” Dare responded feeling guilty
“Hmmm Ok, Do you still love her” subomi asked
“Body and soul” Dare replied
“Then tell her and save you both from this insanity”
“I don’t know how to”
“Find a way to convince her… I have a strong feeling that Tiara lady has something to do with all of these, i never liked her right from time” Subomi Said

“I am so Confused man, someone is set to not only destroy my marriage but destroy My Wife”
“Dare you know what, pretend like you never saw anything… Go to Stella and Apologize to her when you get home”
When Dare Got Home, he went straight to Stella’s room, went on his knees and apologized for all he had caused her. 

“Baby i am sorry… I am sincerely sorry please forgive me”

“Dare what do you want from me this time? ”

” Baby you have been the best thing that has ever happened to me… Please just forgive me and let’s go back to how we used to be, i promise to make it all up to you”

“hmmm where do you put Tiara? Where do you put her baby? ”

” Stella, i will try my best possible to get rid of her, you just give me a little more time”

“how do you intend getting rid of her? “Stella Asked looking all curious

” you don’t worry your head about that, just  give me some time”

“what about the baby? ”

” The baby? I am not responsible for her Pregnancy”

“Dare!!!!! ” Stella called out almost screaming

” I know what i am saying baby.. You just relax and watch… This moment hence, I promise to be the best husband to you… And if yoi care to know, i am not quitting this relationship, i already told the lawyer i am here to stay. I LOVE YOU BABY” Dare Ended and Placed a Gentle kiss on her lips. She felt love starved and couldn’t wait to get filled in love again… She responded and they went into a romantic ecstasy..

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 1, 2016 — 8:32 pm

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