Must Read: First Se.xual Fantasy (18+)… Part 3

A Story Written By Kayemjay…

It happened on a very wonderful Saturday. Every one was busy preparing for the wedding of the month. My dad’s youngest sibling was getting married. My dad was busy with his cuff links, My mum was in the bathroom, my younger sister was struggling with her shoes. I was uninterested. I had ‘formed’ headache and stomach pains that morning. I was not a fan of weddings. And I just got some bad ‘po.rno’ video cassettes from my classmates and could not wait for everyone to leave.
Just then, Aunty Jummy entered the house. She was looking so simple. She had a loose fitting top and i could see the outlines of her nip.pl3s. I went gaga. She greeted everyone and asked what the occasion was. She wondered why I was not going. I replied that I was not feeling too well. She made her self comfortable on the 3 seater sofa and was watching AIT. I stood up and went into my room. I came out, peeping between the curtains watching her every move. My eyes could not get off the nippl3. Gosh. 5 minutes later everyone was set and they went out of the house. As soon as I heard the sound of my dad’s car driving away, I felt relieved. I suddenly remembered that Aunty Jummy was in the ‘parlour’. I came out of my room dejectedly and sat on one of the single chairs. She saw the way I was looking and motioned me to come sit near her. She was lying down on the long settee, so I sat down on the rug resting my back against the chair.
She stroked my hair and told me I would be okay. After five minutes I opened my zipper and began to touch my d1ck. I pretended as if I was looking at something on it. If she saw it she did not say a word. I looked at her from the corner of my eye and saw that she was looking at me. And at that age I had a big d1ck. I continued to stroke my d1ck, making it hard and strong. I looked at her again. She was sleeping. I was a bit disappointed.
So I went into the bathroom to touch myself. I tried and tried but I could not c.ome. I decided to go back to the sitting room. 

When I got there she was sleeping, her back turned to me. I saw her big ars.e and I suddenly fely like going in on her. I moved closer. Her left hand was on the rug. It formed an ‘O’ on the ground. I watched her heaving slowly. My heart was beating at a tremendous pace. I suddenly had an idea.
I bent close to where her hand formed the ‘o’ shape,and I slowly inserted my limp d1ck. It grew harder and suddenly filled up her hand. I was scared. My heart beat faster. I didn’t know what her reaction would be. I positioned myself in a sleeping posture so that if she suddenly felt my hard d1ck and woke up, she would think I was sleeping and that it had entered mistakenly.
I waited and waited. No reaction from her. After about 3 minutes, I decided it was not going to work and tried to pull my d1ck out. It was tight. I tried pulling gently at first so as not to arouse suspicion. It didn’t come out. I tried again, putting a little more effort. She held on tight. A sweet feeling came over me. I relaxed. She began to move her fingers around my erect Joystick. She was still backing me. I was still in my posture, but I knew I was gonna furk her. I was happy.
She turned to face me. She held my head and turned me to her. She moved closer, and kissed my lips. It felt like heaven. My mind was doing a thousand somersaults. She touched my nippl3s with her free hand while her hand still held my d1ck, rubbing it. I was at full length now. She pulled me up and lay me on my back on the couch. 
Still dressed, she lay on top of me guiding my d1ck in between her thighs on her pant. We were fully clothed. She took sometime to adjust my d1ck on a particular position she wanted it to be. It was in between her thighs, on her cl1t but her panties were still on. Then she put the full weight of her body on me and started to rock me, moving up and down. She was lying flat on my body, my d1ck on her pu5sy but her panty as a barrier.
After sometime, she began moving very fast. She was moaning softly and moving very fast.
“Kevin… Press my brea5ts…ohhh..prreeessss ittt” she moaned
I was a learner and didn’t know how to go about it. She lifted her self just a bit so i could press her br3asts. she was moving very very fast now, her hand gripped my head, her eyes were half closed…
“Squeeze it…harder…ohhhh..sh1t.. harder baby” She said.
I was afraid so I was squeezing it gently.
She put one of my hands on her a.rse and used her hand to support my hand that was on her brea5ts. 
“Squeeze it harrrdddddd…” she moaned as she squeezed my hand and her br3ast together. I got it now.
She was rocking me harder, holding my head. I began to squeeze the brea5t and the ar5e like the world would end. She rocked harder, I squeezed harder…
“Yesssss…like that…like that…ahhhh” she moaned.
Then she froze, shaking like a wet leaf then collapsed on my body.
She got up, sat and told me . . 
“Kevin, you must not tell any one. Have you heard me?!!” She warned.
I just shook my head in acceptance. As if I planned to tell anyone b4. Only if she knew she just satisfied my fantasy.
She took out 100 naira from her purse and gave it to me, then headed to her room.
She was a pervert and I later took control. We furked everywhere in the house for close to 7 months. Even a week to her wedding. 
A lot of raunchy stuff happened between me and Jumoke. 
Most especially, my last time with her.

***THE END***

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