Must Read: Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed… Part 11


A Story written by Therock5555…

I fidgeted for the drug and brought it out, the silver drug looking spectacular in its case.

“That’s a collaide drug used in preservation of food items and even water, milk and other easily perishable foodstuffs, if we go into partner ship with you sir, my company would supply this drugs to you at a discounted rate while you re-sell it and make a huge profit” I explained, Mr Sunday still bent forward, his eyes piercing deeply into mine like he could read minds I felt a little uneasy, small beads of sweet forming on my brow. His guard walked in with a laptop and set it before his boss then he walked behind me.

Mr Ribandu stared at the laptop, grinning wickedly, he punched one or two buttons then closed it and faced me.

“Now Dude are you sure you truly got sent by a company or you are here to kill me?” He fired at me, knocking my composure a little.

“I don’t know what you mean sir” I stammered as the cold end of a colt .44 distiller gun touched the back of my neck.

“Now young white man am sure you did not do much research before coming to this country trying to kill me, I am Mr Sunday Ribandu, the one nobody jokes with, I have almost been assassinated trice but none of the killers succeeded, my more recent attack was almost successful, my neck was slashed and I stayed for a week in a hospital and now you come trying to get me killed while using a fake company as cover up”

“What do you mean by fake company sir” I feigned ignorance.

“Your company’s name is not on Google search dude” he screamed back.

“Ooh maybe their server is down, why don’t you ask wikipedia sir” I joked, the guard at my back punched me hard which almost toppled me out of my chair.

“Ok sir this might be a mistake please, it was not meant to end like this, let’s just drink to seal our deal and get this over with.

“What deal? The only deal am drinking to is to your dead body, now kid listen and listen good, tell me the truth or you would have your body floating in a canal soon, not even your would find you” He threatened.

I maintained my composure and stared at him strangely, the guard behind me hit me hard again.

“Ok sir take your wine and I would confess” I replied in pains.

“I would gladly drink to that” he replied and asked another guard to bring him a bottle of wine.

“Bring that wine with a blue cork” I pointed sheepishly at the trolley, that was specially for you sir” I recommended as the guard behind me punched me hard.

“Well you had it all planned out, to kill me with wine, bring it boy. He would feel the wrath of his stupidity” Mr Sunday bragged as his guard pulled out a bottle from the trolley, the string cut as the gas canister began licking poisonous gas into the room.

A champagne flute was brought and the wined filled in it then forced down my throat which I relished the taste, they stared at me expecting me to choke at any moment while another bottle was given to him to drink.

“Hey seems one of your men fart in my room” I suddenly screamed out, took out my mask and covered my nose.

“You must be crazy dude, is that a side effect or you are trying to avoid talking, Dawg take off the damn mask from his face” he commanded the guard behind me.
“Wait Dawg you are bleeding from your nose” he suddenly proclaimed and touched his own nose which was bleeding, they began screaming in pain, holding their heads and bleeding ferociously. I quickly took my handkerchief to cover Mr Ribandu’s nose and mouth, he tried struggling but a firm punch on his stomach made him gasp for breath.

“I’m sorry man, but you can’t die without tasting my company’s wonder drug” I whispered into his ears, his colourless eyes stared back at me.

I took the silver pill, put it in his mouth and force him to swallow it with his wine, in desperation he pressed a red button on his belt before slumping dead.

“I hope your body gets preserved in hell sir” I whispered as the guards outside struggle to open the door. Quickly I removed my mask and laid prostated on the ground as the barred in.

“Commando two, the boss is dead and so are the guards and the white man, come up quickly…” My gun blasted that moment, knocking both of them down to their knees. I shot both of them twice again as I walked to the window and stared down.

Rita had better given me a right choice because I was never going to fall from that height for nothing. The door shuffled open as three guards barged in. I waved at them frantically, place the metal given to me on my chest and fell off the window, in just three seconds I hit a sliding surface and landed in a bed room. I was not dead after all, I was in a room with Rita, she kissed me really hard as I was surprised on how I did not fall.

“Yes my darling you survive, am so happy, welcomed to the Assassins Creed” she said and kissed me before handing over the ring I wore during the party. I glowed with pride as she kissed me again.

“How did I get here?” I asked still amazed.

“Well its simple Xavier, there is a magnetic field just outside this window which a normal eye can’t see, if u fall on it wearing that iron I gave to you, you slid into this room automatically, it attracts the iron with you also attached to it” she explained.

“Wow that’s so cool, I wish I could do that again” I replied.

“Well you could but there are better things to do now, you look like a sorry mess, run to the bathroom and hurry up because my libido is seriously up the meter now” she teased and began stripping.

Quickly I ran to the bathroom and freshened up, that night remained my most memorable night.

“Sir is that a diary or journal you are holding?” The taxi driver asked me.

“Yes, I’m writing an essay on your country I replied as I shut the diary where I wrote the evil things I did….

To Be Continued…

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