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Must Read: Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed… Part 17


Written by Therock5555…

The High walls of Centro de Ejecucion de Sanciones(CEDES) was like a walled fortress to Xavier. He stared around as he was pushed in, hands chuffed to chains. He studied the movement of the guards, with them were huge military trained dogs which could easily sniff out any inmate running away. He shivered as he noticed the snipers mounted on the wall. No prisoner could afford to attack or escape from there.

A huge man with three dogs on a leash walked halfway to meet them. He had a fiery long black hair, a slight mark on his cheek reminded Xavier of Mr Ribandu, his easily broad shoulders could quickly install fair in the inmates but not Xavier.

He looked like a man who commanded respect and always got it,  They  spoke in Spanish language which Xavier easily understood. The guards with him informed the man who happened to be the chief prison warden and was asking what his offence was. They told him that it was a case of smuggling and possessions of illegal fire arms. That caused the huge man to laugh out loud, smacking Xavier shoulders painfully in the process. Then he suddenly frowned up like he was never laughing.

“What’s so funny dawg?” Pedro said.

“You Amigo, welcome to my Home of Hell, the most secured prison in the whole of Mexico and maybe the most toughest in the world, if you survive your stay here then you must have been very lucky. I’m Edgar Valdez, your new god, whatever god you serve, just forget about it because none can save you in this hell hole” The warden said.

“god? god? Now that’s funny, I hope there is Mtv channel in your tv channels because I so love rap music” Pedro said cheerfully.

Now that knocked out the wind out of Edgar Valdez for a full five seconds, it was just like a Nigerian male telling his father during an episode of Super story that he was gay.

“Wait is this a political prisoner or a gang member?” Edgar asked one of the guards.

“He was caught at the airport, maybe he is part of the Sinaloa Cartel because he does not seems to be scared of anything” the guard replied.

“Nah I prefer Rich gang and young money group and if I am not getting music here then I demand a prison transfer” Pedro boasted.

“Shut up young man, you are in Hell now and I would take you to the deepest part, even if you are of the Sinaloa Cartel you would get killed before you even get to introduce yourselves. Don’t have much fun though, I would be pleased to come pick up your shrinking dead body in the morning. Amigos take him out of my sight, tonight is fights night and am not missing it for anything in this world” Edgar said and dragged his dogs away, they snarled at Xavier like their boss would.

Pedro was led into a large facility room where his photograph was taken and finger prints collected, he wore artificial finger prints so that did not bother him, he was registered and his few properties confiscated till he gets out. He was given a blanket, towel, and two blue overalls and led thereafter into another electric gate which was controlled by the security in the camera room.

As he walked pass different cell blocks he could hear men laughing and speaking with themselves, the despicable smell of Marijuana warded through his nostrils. Finally he was stopped in Cell Block H which opened, he faced different kind of gangsters as they threatened the guards to hand over Xavier to them. He felt no fear as he was finally thrown into a dark cell with no lightning, whilst other cell had. A strange feeling came over him.

“Have fun with your new roomies bro” the second guard said as they locked the cell and walked off. The heavy noise making had stopped as he waited in apprehension for a minute, one inmate tapped his cell and the others gently followed which there after turned into a full blown social call. The words they were saying kept ringing in his ears as reality hit home.

“ him Boss, him Boss” They all kept chanting as he closed his eyes and adjusted the aura of darkness around him. He began seeing things in grey shades, three double bunks, a toilet and sink at one end, a stool with a tray, seems someone had been smoking. People quietly came down from their beds while the chanting got louder. As he braced himself for any impact, the cell lightning blinked on.

He got almost blinded by the bright light, his clothes were already sprawled on the ground as he jumped up. Three mean looking men stood before him, their mouths twisted in unforgivable pride, their heads all fully shaven and their bodies tattoo from their waist upwards. Their huge biceps could make a professional wrestler to forget his stage name. The most noticeable thing about them was that they were all unclad. His eyes budged out as he remember the chants still blaring loudly in his ears. He was to be molested as a welcome gift, that was the Hell Edgar had promised him, maybe he won’t survive right? Now that was not funny.

“Hey Amigos am one of you, am a sinaloa member also hommies” he played a jockey.

“Hahaha and do you know what gang are we? We hate the Sinaloa cartel and since you have fallen in our hands, we would use you to revenge one of our gang member death last week” one of the huge dudes boasted.

“But I did not kill him, I was not there” Pedro said, slowly bringing his towel behind him. He folded it roughly and licked his lips. The whole cell had gone quiet, awaiting this scream when been thrust.

“Well no one cares bro” the first huge dude said and rushed at him. Pedro shifted cleverly and swung the towel from behind him, hitting the first man squarely on his semi flaccid member, a loud groan escaped the fellow’s mouth as the whole cell busted into ecstasy thinking that his had been busted by his cell mates. Pedro rounded the groaning man and grabbed the scuff of his neck, the other two men were so shocked that their hands quickly went to their erections like they were the ones been hit. With all the force Pedro could gather, he slammed the man’s head on the iron bars which gave way as the man head passed through and got hooked there. The cell so was just like six inches large but the brute force of the huge man forced it to bend. Pedro felt life shrinking out of the man before he passed out-Dead.

The remaining duo regained consciousness when they saw what the smallish fellow had done to their partner, the whole cell block had gone more quieter than a grave yard. Blood dripped slightly on the ground where the dead man’s skull was crushed.

Two simultaneous blows came towards Pedro at the same time, he blocked one with an elbow but the second was too soon, it busted his lips open as blood spilled out, filling the rage in him, he grabbed the failing hand of his attacker and grabbed his fingers, snapping them backwards making the man to scream, the next blow from the second man came fast but he was smarter, he bent low causing the man to hit his colleague instead, Pedro silenced the man whom just got his fingers broken and his jaws charred with a hard punch to his bowels, another uppercut sent him to oblivion.

The third man was shell shocked at the fighting capacity of his prey, he threw another punch which Pedro caught with his towel, he dragged him closer and sent a cruel head butt to his nose, blood spattered over as the man screamed loud, running footsteps were heard as he was fighting his adversaries. The iron gate beeped open, men were rushing to his cell but that did not deter him, he rounded the last man still up and bent him backwards then snapped his spinal cord with his knee as Edgar Valdez showed up with three guards. His face all flustered up and purple from his long dashing run.

“You this bastard, so you killed and handicapped my men right? You would pay for this” Edgar shouted.

“Hey but I thought it was Mortal combat bro, I did not mean it, I hate gay men. I wish they were hot shawties men” Pedro joked as his cell was opened.

“Take him to the game of death, am sick of this fellow already” Edgar commanded as a hood was placed over Xavier’s head.

To Be Continued…

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