A Story written by Therock5555…

A large procession of people mostly women and youths waved happily at the moving cars, armed guards walked slowly with the cars, they were steadily looking around for any sign of an intruder on the roof tops or windows as Mr Petrosky Juntos waved happily, only his head, shoulders and two arms were out as he smiled at his well wishers, he sure had a lot of enemies but that won’t stop him from showing love to his people who showed vote of confidence in him.

Mr Petrosky a small statue figure with cute dimples was the owner of 80 percent of the copper mines in Estonia, he had everything but he wanted to feel the joy of serving his country, though 58years of age, he still looked awesome like a man just entering his mid forties. He trusted his personal security, they would gladly give their lives for him if worse comes to worse. He really trusted them with his life.

“I said get the fuc.k off my door” a male voice screamed louder as someone knocked on his door for the third time.

“Room service” the voice replied back again.

“Well just know that I would kill you when I open the door…” A short black man cut off his words when he saw a stranger standing by the door, a tall man of over six feet, pointed noise, clean shaving and smiling wickedly. He looked confused at the young man claded in black long suit and dark glasses. He held a large luggage and his second hand went behind his back.

“You are not for room service, sorry wrong room” the man stammered and attempted to close the door only for his unwanted visitor to block the door with his leg.

“I know Mister, that’s why I’m here” Gabriel said and shot the short man directly in the head, he inhaled the smell of smoke from the pistol and smiled, the silencer had choked the sound to the lowest minimum so he had no worries. He kicked the dead man back into his the room where an un clad lady sat waiting patiently, before she could scream, he pumped two more bullets into her skull and watched her slump dead.

The sound of his target’s rally was drawing nearer and louder, he brought out a small clock from his suit and dropped on a table in the corner of the room, the small clock was counting down and it had just three minutes left to go.

Quickly he opened his luggage and brought out an 7.62X51mmm automatic sniper rifle and kissed it, he closed the window blinds before poking the nozzle of his rifle under the third blind from bottom of the window, he stared into the lens and set his bearings right, he could clearly see the small man waving frantically at the large crowd who came to cheer him up. Slowly he scanned the crowd before picking up a single bullet, placing it into the rifle gently and stared at the timer again, just 54 seconds was left. He focused back on his target, his finger loosely touching the trigger.

Gabriel waited patiently until a shrill sound from the timer sounded, then he pressed the trigger. Loud screams followed up as Mr Petrosky slumped back into his vehicle, blood spraying at the top of his vehicle, there was commotion everywhere as people ran helter skelter, his guards were confused and stared around for any sight of the sniper, only one window really had a clear shot from that position- The Olumpia hotel.

Quickly about four men with drawn weapons ran into the hotel lobby, shouting in their dialect to the receptionist. She hastily told them what they needed and showed them the room number of the man that came a few minutes ago and his picture and informations. They thank her and shared themselves, two followed the stair case and two waited for the elevator which was coming down. As the lift opened, an american tourist wearing just shorts and a singlet with a towel hanging from his neck stepped out.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, would you like to have a swim with me?” The tourist said as they by-passed him and ran into the elevator, pushing the third floor button in haste.

The tourist walked to the receptionist, winked at her and flashed a toothy smile before walking out confidently.

Miss Aliisi Renaate smiled back at the handsome tourist, then it suddenly strucked her, she did not remember any body like him ever lodging in the hotel, well she had a good memory and always scanned the guest list when ever its her turn for duty and she was sure that face was not one of them, she shrugged the feeling off and concentrated on her work.

The four armed guards walked quietly to room 206 and steadied their weapons, then one of them slotted in the key card and kicked the door open. The room was empty left for a note on the window blind that read “wrong room, why not check the next door”

Quickly the dashed out and shot the door of the next room, kicking it open, two bodies laid on the bed, all blooded up but kept like they were sleeping in each other arms. Discarded clothings soiled the floor, the sniper’s weapon laid directly under the window, they dashed into the bathroom to check if he was there, just eerie silence followed left for the television which was broadcasting the breaking news of Mr petrosky’s death.

One of the armed guards walked to the small clock counting rapidly from one to hundred, Gabriel had set a booby trap to the door so that when the men came in, the thin thread cut off and activated the counter, the guard picked it up and stared at the device as it reached hundred and stop. Then two lights showed and then blinked off.

“Booooommmmmbbbb” he screamed as the device exploded.

People screamed loud as the explosion rocked the top building of Olumpia hotel, glass particles and other object flew out of the carnage as everyone including the reporters scampered for safety.

“Mission completed sir” Gabriel said into his Iphone6.

“That’s good boy, now go to the extraction point and leave that damn country” the voice from the other end replied before the call went off.

Gabriel walked for three blocks, sometimes jogging as lots of police and military vehicles, coupled with fire fighting trucks passed him by. He turned a sharp corner and opened a garbage bin, picked up a polythene bag inside and walked further into the dark corner.

He emerged wearing a black jean with a white t-shirt and black sneakers. He pocketed his new passport and stopped a taxi.

“Where to Mister?” The taxi man asked.

“Patria Nostra airport” Gabriel replied and relaxed in his seat as the taxi drove off.

“Now you might be calling me a killer or a bad, wicked person, well why don’t I start from the beginning or should I start by saying my real name is Xavier, my life is one big lie, the only thing I know is that, “I’m the best hit man in the Assassin Creed”…

To Be Continued…

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