Must Read: Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed… Part 3


A Story written by Therock5555…

“My name is Xavier and I’m an assassin. I don’t believe God exist neither do I believe in heaven or hell. My god is on earth here in person of Lord Kehl our superior master who gives us instructions on our next mission.

We have no other objective in life except to obey every single word of Lord Kehl, our missions were risky and so were our lives, we had only one goal, either kill or be kill. When I first came into the creed I was just 6 years old, Lord Kehl rescued me out of the orphanage where I was dumped since birth, I never had any motherly love except our caretakers at the orphanage, I hated making friends because the friendships were always short-lived, lots of childless couples always comes to adopt the children and took so many of my friends away, that made me cower into the shell of solitude, I rejected many people who came for me until Lord Kehl.

When he arrived, I was swinging dangerously on a vine in the orchard, the caretaker showing him around wanted to rebuke me but he cautioned her and walked calmly to me, handed over his large palm for me to grab, his crystal blue eyes pleading with me reassuringly to come down which I gladly did. He shook my hands and brought out a chocolate bar from the inside of his single breasted suit pocket and handed it over which I wilfully grabbed.

Lord kehl informed the caretaker that he was adopting me, I already felt endeared to him as I walked out holding my little clothing wrapped in sealing paper, I held his large arms as the broad shoulder man with silver hair and blue eyes walked me to the black Limousine packed outside. I almost screamed in joy when I got into the long vehicle, it felt like heaven on earth, I envisioned living in a large mansion with servants at my beck and call only that it was more like a romantic dream which I would quickly wake up from. We drove for about three hours before branching into a lone dirty street leading to nowhere.

We got to a dark warehouse and walked in, the large building had an elevator at one corner and cages where large german Shepard dogs howled fiercely at me. In another corner I heard sniffing sounds and turned sharply only to see a group of boys numbering about twenty, all of them looking like my age mates, they looked worried and hungry, shivering mercilessly as the cold cement ground sent chills to their bodies, I don’t know which frightened more, the fact that I was in the middle of nowhere, the big dogs in the large cages or the teared eye boys shivering on the ground. I made to run only to bump into Lord Kehl who grab my arm roughly. That warm look of his had been replaced with a wicked scowl.

That moment three huge men walked out from the elevator, their huge muscles made me forget that I had been kidnapped, I wished I could grow that kind of muscles someday.

“Ok boys, get up and arrange yourselves in a straight file” one of the men shouted.

The boys quickly stood up and arranged themselves cordially, Lord Kehl pushed me to join them, I counted again and we all numbered exactly twenty young frightened boys. Lord Kehl observed each and everyone of us before walking to the front, his legs at ease and arms behind him.

“Young boys, I know you are frightened, scared, hungry and confused but I think that should be the least of your problems now because now all of you are men now and would fully be inducted into this organisation which we call the assassin’s creed. But before I go further, if there is any of you that wants to leave should do so right now because you are free” Lord Kehl said with an unusual calmness.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 21, 2016 — 9:42 pm

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