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Written by Therock5555…

“This carelessness coming from the person who instructed me to be careful” Xavier traded back.

The black out confused the guards but it was now perfect for Xavier, he put on a special lightning goggles and head shot 3 of the guards, two more fell down on the other side of the fence courtesy of Fatalveli’ bullets.

That moment the door to a bunker opposite Al-ahmad’s burst open, two drunk guys came out and noticed the black out in the  compound. They checked their weapons and walked towards the tower.

Then they spoke in Kurdish(the second official language after Arabic in Iraq), Xavier froze, the only words he could barely understand were Mamman and Isa, maybe the names of the light guards,  there was no reply, one of them fumbled around for a whistle to alert others when there was no reply, Xavier got ready to shoot them when a shrill reply made them look up.  Some one had replied them, they conversed a little with the supposed light guard and joked before they turned away and began leaving, Fatalveli sent two shots to their skulls making them to drop dead. Then he walked out of the dark smiling and kissing his weapon.

“You see, I don’t make mistakes twice” he boasted.

“What did they ask and how did you manage to answer them?”

“Well I know how to speak kurdish so that  was not hard, they asked why the lights went off, I told them I fell asleep untop so I was trying to carry it back up, they called me lazy pig and walked off laughing which made me kill them, I hope I did nothing wrong? ” he joked.

“Nice one bro,  now let’s get our target”

The separated and circled the bunker from two sides, the guards at the door were also drunk, it seemed like they had a party that night, Xavier sent a blow to the first guard’s guts, as the man doubled over he cracked his fore head with his knee rendering the man lifeless temporarily, Fatalveli had already snapped the neck of his opponent and laid him gently on the ground.

Quietly they brought out rolls of wires and bombs, tied it around the men, dragged them to the bunker where the other drunk guards where, they rigged the whole bunker with live wire and connected the trigger to the door handle, then they walked quietly to Al-ahmad’s bunker, they opened it slowly to reveal four Unclad ladies on a large bed, at the center laid a young man with a toned body, sleeping soundly.

They stood at both corners of the bed, bottles of champagne lined the floor, the well decorated bunker could be mistaken for a prince Palace, after feeding their eyes and lust on the Unclad bodies of the females, Fatalveli screamed out loud,  they woke up, slightly lazy at first but grew agitated when they noticed the two gun nozzles pointed at them by two mean looking dudes, the ladies did two things at the same time, they screamed their lungs out and tried to find something to hide their nakedness.

“shut up”  Xavier screamed and shot one of the least beautiful ladies, that passed the information to their brains as they quickly cooperated, Al-ahmad looked confused, he was still contemplating if this was one of his numerous dreams or it was real. If it was real, two men could not just pass his guards just like that, he concluded it was a dream and began smiling, a hot slap from the black dude nearest to him made him see stars.

“We are not hear to kill anyone if you cooperate, we just came to hold this young man hostage and collect money from his father so you girls are free to go, just do me a favor and leave the  sleeping guards alone or else you all would regret, bye” Fatalveli informed the ladies who were a little bit relieved.  The took bed sheets and ran out, Xavier could not help but admire their bouncing Bosom and arse.  The first thing the ladies did was to scream out loud, waking the guards in the process, the ladies rushed towards the guards bunker, that moment one of the guards turned the door handle. A deafening explosion followed, enloping the ladies and the guards inside. 

“Damnmit, those fine piece of arse would now go to hell now, I wish I had my share first” Xavier reminiscence.

Fatalveli laughed and faced Al-ahmad who could not believe his ears, all his guards were dead just like that, he caused it, he would not have thrown them a stripper show and beer night.  Now he was at the mercy of two dare Devils, one of them brought out a phone and threw it to him.

“Call your dad and tell him we need twenty million dollars in cash” Fatalveli said.

Al-ahmad quickly grabbed the phone and dialed his dad’s number.


A man with a turban tied around his head sat with a group of four young men, they had just finished their dinner and were discussing about trivial issues when a trembling young dude came in with a phone in his hand.

“Master, a call from Al-ahmad”  the young lad said,  passed the phone and ran out.

Abdel-Razzak frown uneasily as the men around him watch his mood keenly, he stroke his long beard slowly before saying “hello”

“Father, I have been held hostage by two men, they want twenty million dollars in cash for my release” his son’s voice rang into his ears.

“What!!! I hope they are not listening to the conversation?  Stay safe son, I am coming to help you, just tell them that the money would arrive in twenty minutes time, they would regret ever crossing our part again”  Abdel-Razzak said and off the call.

“What’s happening boss”  the young men inquired when they noticed their leader lost in thoughts.

“Get two jeeps ready, and get armed, my son has been taken hostage in his location, we are going to rescue him, by Allah if his captors are not hanging by their balls in the morning, then am not Abdel-Razzak”  he boasted and stood up.


Rita was almost biting her nails as she monitored the call between Al-ahmad and his father while scanning the screen of the monitors for any sign of unusual importance. Her eyes burned for something palatable. Then she saw it.

A gate opened and our came two black jeeps, the occupants were stupid enough to raise their weapons out of the windows chanting what she was not privileged to hear, she smiled as she watched them sped away on the third monitor, she grabbed her bag and stood up.

“Fatalveli you can now kill the target, am going after mine now, am three minutes to target, over.


Al-ahmad sat on the floor, he tried to pull the men into discussions to delay them, he was pretty sure he would be safe soon. The men foolishly laughed at his jokes not until one of them got up and answered a walkie-talkie then withdrew his weapon.

“It’s been nice chatting with you Al-ahmad…… No, I was supposed to kill him, I was just giving a farewell speech before you killed him” Fatalveli screamed angrily at Xavier who shot Al-ahmad twice to the head.

“It’s been fun working with you Fatalveli, not until I grew bored of your long tales, now let’s leave here because I need some sleep” Xavier said and walked out.

Fatalveli opened his mouth to say something that refused to come out, he returned back to his senses when Xavier pulled out a magnetic bomb and set the timer for ten seconds, he rushed out in time before the building exploded.

“Damnmit, you almost killed me”  he quarried.

“like I care o” Xavier replied smiling.

“WTF that is a nigerian slang, who taught you?”  Fatalveli said as Xavier showed him the middle finger and jumped into the vehicle.

To Be Continued…

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