Must Read: Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed… Part 38


Written By Therock5555…

He landed in a heavy thud and rolled over, his life had been threatened twice in the space of five minutes, he was even more angry when he saw the vehicle burning, his men all roasted alive.  He brought out an 18-caliber punisher from behind him and crawled forward when he heard the sound of a bike.

Rita punch her first in the air when the grenade tore through the vehicle, her mission was completed so easily, she smiled and began parking her stuff into the bag, she left the launcher there, taking only guns and tucking them behind her, she dropped from the roof into the abandoned room and put on her bike, she called shadow walker to inform him about the success of her mission before riding out.

Sporadic blast of bullets were shot at her as she drove out of the room, two burst her front tires, one grazed her right leg and another flew pass her head, she screamed, allowing the bike to slide forward as she rolled on the dusty road, she landed awkwardly and laid still like she was dead, her right hand went under her body and bring our one of her gun, her whole body was tensed up, her left arm felt painful, her leg was bleeding and her bones felt like jelly, it took a strong will power from her to keep herself from screaming out in pain, she tried to keep still like a dead person but her body still shook slightly, she laid silently for the longest minute of her life before she half stared at the towering figure standing above her peering into her face to see if she was truly dead, she almost gasped out in shook when she recognize the figure as Abdel-Razzak, but he was supposed to be dead.

His arms were outstretched towards her,  her eyes followed the direction of the arm, she saw that a gun was pointed to her head, he wanted to make sure she was dead,  the rage on his face said it all, as he made to pull the trigger she turned painfully on her twisted arm just as the bullet grazed the ground which she just laid, she turned her gun upwards and fired seven bullets into the body of Abdel-Razzak, he crashed backwards, she shot him five more times. And threw away her gun, for the first time in her life she busted into tears, there was truly a thin line between life and death.

She retrieved her phone which had a cracked screen already from her fall and managed to dial Fatalveli’ s number, she told him of her predicament, he arrived ten minutes later alone.

“where is Xavier?” she asked.

“On his way to Russia, one of our assassin has been caught by the Russian army when he went on a mission, and would soon be or is already been interrogated, we don’t know how long he could stay before breaking and spill us out, Xavier has been sent to shut him forever” Fatalveli explained as he dragged her to the vehicle.

“You did a really nasty but nice job here”  he complimented.

“Uh”  she muttered, already lost in thoughts about Xavier, she remembered their second mission there together after they came back from Liberia. It still felt like yesterday.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 9, 2016 — 8:47 pm

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