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A Story written by Therock5555…

Location- Kivioli, Estonia

An old man walked into the Olumpia hotel dressed in a worn out suit and caring a thread bare luggage. He looked around the large hotel, adjusted his glasses and walked confidently to the receptionist desk, his walking stick making a cold tapping noise on the marble floor. Other customers stared at him like an insane person, this was a five star hotel and the old gentleman was walking in like he just entered an irish pub. The security guards were already on alert as they watched his every step.

“Good afternoon Miss” the old man greeted the beweird receptionist with a grim toothy smile. He smelt of tobacco and some other foul substances.

“Good afternoon Mister, welcome to The Olumpia hotel, sir it seems you missed your route because this is actually a five star hotel” she whispered back impatiently.

“I know Miss, that’s why I’m here, I would love a single suite facing the street, don’t mind my dressing, I took boat all the way from India hence the disgusting smell around me. So how much is it for a room?”

“Sir rooms here are expensive” she spat out.
“Anyway, the cheapest room goes for €246”

“Miss Aliisi Renaate, I know you are trying to give me a good advice but I’m not blind neither am I stupid so please how much is a single suite with a window facing the street because I want to have a good view of Estonia” he replied calmly.

Aliisi flustered as she heard her name from the mouth of the old man, she blushed stupidly when she realised that her name was tagged to her Bre.ast pocket.

“Ok sir, there are about 60 rooms that fits your description but just about six of them are free now, the lowest is on the third floor and it goes for 600Euros” she explained.

The old brought out his wallet and counted out €1,250, she wanted to tell him that carrying such large sums was risky but she allowed the words drool down her system as he took the check in form to fill.

Miss Aliisi felt uneasy around the old man, she peeped to see his name, Gabriel Keert, from Romania. He came for vacation. That was alittle funny because tourist were few and far between because the elections was near.

“Ok Mr. Gabriel, here is your door card, a porter would take your luggage and direct you to your room, have a nice time in…”

“I don’t need a porter” he cut in,
“And keep the change Aliisi” he said stressing every syllabus as he picked up his luggage calmly and walked to the direction of the elevator, his walking stick striking noisily on the floor.

Gabriel Keert waited for about a minute before the elevator reached ground level, two youths walked out holding hands, he shook his head and stepped into the elevator, pressing the 3rd button as he stepped in. His mind rummaged around as he thought of different ill scenarios, what if the elevator breaks down? What if?…. The door opened breaking him out of his thoughts, he checked his room number on the key card and negotiated the corridors. Different waiters and porters passed him by as they went about their duties, he saw his room and passed it, then turned the corner, waited till the corridor was clear before venturing back to his room number.

Slightly he knocked at the door next to his.
“Get the off” a male voice shouted from inside.

Gabriel smiled and keyed in his card before opening his suite. There was no time to waste, swiftly he threw his luggage on the large double bed and picked up the remote, put on the television and tuned to a National news channel before stripping out of his worn out suit and walked into the bathroom.

“Today, the people’s favourite candidate for next week election would be going out for his final rally round the streets of Estonia. Mr petrosky Juntos a mining magnate has won the support of majority of the Estonia people through his good deeds. The elections is believed would be a landslide victory for Mr Petrosky while his party, the People’s congress party is fully in support of him and their popularity is nation wide, stay tuned with me as we go through the rally coming up a few minutes from now, am Ani Kallaste reporting live from Es tv” a female journalist blared on the news as Gabriel walked into his room and switched the telly off.

He was no longer an old man, the moustache and walking stick had been dumped, his biceps showing impressively as he walked to his luggage, a white towel tied loosely around his waist. He opened the bag and picked up a suit bag, opened the bag and removed a long black suit, dropping it carefully on the bed, he then allowed the towel dropped and then began dressing slowly.

To Be Continued…

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