Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 124


A Story Written By Queenliz…
How far from Earth are we? The

insane thought that Alice is going to ground me, if she finds out how far from home I am, flits

through my mind, and I laugh quietly.
“This is no laughing matter,” Loveth tells me, rebuking me now. “What’s going on?”

The other ships have stopped moving, and are now facing each other across the black expanse.

I’m still not sure what’s happening, but I’m starting to get an idea. “I think the blue rings mean friendlies,” I tell her uncertainly. “These are either other friendly aliens, or more of Vage’s race,

Aliens. Did you get to see Vage’s ship before she took you?” Loveth shakes her head, letting me know that she hadn’t, and I grimace. “Hmm, I

guess we’ll just have to wait then.”

I hope that it’s not Vage’s race coming back.
They’d demanded that she abandon Earth, and when she disobeyed, they’d made sure that her

ship would never be able to find home again, and then abandoned her to Earth’s fate. If they’re

coming back, that can only mean trouble.

Perhaps they’ve decided to kill Vage’s and my children after all, and take her back with them.
The ships start moving closer again, and Loveth tenses, just as space disappears, and we’re back in the blue lit room again.
And just like that, we’re no longer alone in the room.
Loveth screams, and I pull her behind me. She almost strangles me, she’s squeezing me so tightly, but I’m not going to let them get her. A small part of my mind can’t help but notice the

feeling of her hard nip.ples digging into my back. I shake off the thought, to examine our company.
Now is not the time to think with my second

Six sets of silvery eyes look at us curiously. Each eye has a cat-like pupil, and looks too large for their heads. Their skin is light pink, and they’re all

wearing those light suits that I’ve seen Vage wearing, before I’d gotten her pregnant. They’re

of Vage’s race.

They’re also all female.
For some reason this strikes me as extremely odd, until I remember Vage mentioning that it’s the males that rule their race. I assume that these must be their servants.

Which means that my unhatched children are in danger, as are Vage and Loveth. It has to say something that I’m not concerned for my own wellbeing, though my heart is certainly pounding in my chest.
“Do not be alarmed,” one of them says in the dual-toned voice of their race, stepping forward.

Her voice is a little deeper, however, than Vage’s.
She looks just like Vage, except that maybe she has wrinkles that Vage doesn’t. In fact, all of these females have barely wrinkled faces, and a couple of them actually have slightly sagging small

bre.asts. It’s hard to tell if there are other features that are different, with the dim blue light dancing

smoothly across their bodies, making it hard to focus on specific features.
“Nick,” Loveth asks me, “What’s going on?”
I shrug my shoulders, uncertain, and our guests don’t deign to enlighten us.

The black rectangular hatch opens in the wall behind the newcomers, and it takes me a minute,

before I see Vage walking between the other females. I know it’s her, by her switches.
“VAGE, what’s going on?” I ask, as soon as she’s in front of us, then, “The children?” If she’s here, who’s incubating our children? Why does she look so sad? Has something already happened?

Why won’t any of my questions get answered?

Fear galvanizes my resolve, and I prepare to disable these aliens, and figure out some way to escape. I have to save Vage and Loveth.

I wait for her to form her answer before acting, wondering why she doesn’t use the Wangers.
“A surrogate is taking care of our children,” Vage’s voice finally comes, and I’m happy to see a smile

appear on her face. And If she’s smiling, then maybe

everything will be okay.
[b]’They are here for

another reason,'[/b]. the words come across my vision. It’s only then that I realize she has spoken

for everyone’s benefit, but that we can use the Wanger’s connection to speak privately.
The one that’d spoken earlier steps forward, and faces the three of us. She speaks first in her language, and then waits for Vage to translate. I wonder at this, where she’s already spoken to us

once, and think that it might be a hierarchy thing, or maybe she doesn’t know enough of our language.
We wait for Vage to form the words, and I try to stay patient.
“They say that some of the females of our race believe what I’d told them, and don’t

feel that enjoying mating is a blasphemous thing.” The other alien speaks again, followed after a bit by Vage..

To Be Continued…

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