Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 128

A Story Written By Queenliz…

She says something that sounds like ‘Varanda’,

 though it’s hard to tell with her two vocal cords, and two tongues. Her voice is soft and high, and

sounds quite musical to my ears.
“Since I can’t say that, may I call you Varand?” I ask her softly, trying to keep my voice soothing.

She nods, and I smile reassuringly. Her

tremulous smile in return, tells me that I’m winning her over.

I switch over to her other foot, now, and start rubbing it. Following the same routine as with her

left leg, I’m not surprised to see that she has grown a little wet between her legs as I work on her right thigh, and suck her toes.
I realax a little myself, at seeing this evidence of arousal in Varand. While I know Vage had enjoyed

our marathon S£x session, part of me feared that this alien couldn’t be turned on, without my switches.

Deciding it’s time to go to the next level again, I trail gentle kisses up her calves, under her knees, and along the insides of her thighs, before

reaching the juncture at the top. 
I glance over to where Vage and Loveth stand watching us, and noticed that Loveth has her hands down her p.ants, and she’s decided to put her shirt back on.

Vage is slowly fidgeting, and I feel her wet switch is fully tilted. Smiling, I plant a soft kiss on Varand’s S£x, and this time, there is no mistaking

the soft gasp that escapes her lips. She is enjoying this.
Gently, I lick around her tiny labia, before sucking one lip in, and nibbling on it lightly. Her breathing is becoming heavy, as I continue licking her, and there is an unmistakable flow coming from her

veegee now. I lap it up, before shoving my

tongue against her outer barrier, but notice that I can’t get past it. She is likely going to be tighter

than Vage, and that worries me, but it’s a problem to tackle later.
One of the old cargo aliens says something, and Varand answers back vehemently.
[b]’They wanted you to stop what you are doing, saying it is not necessary, but Varand demanded to let you continue. Apparently she is enjoying that.'[/b] Vage’s translation comes to me, and I decide to reward Varand for her diligence. Up until this

point, I’ve avoided her cli.toris, but now I attack it with fervor. All my other touches have been light, and gentle, priming her for the way I lick, and

suck, and even bite her c.lit now.
Varand cries out in pleasure, and I feel a splash of her veegee secretions wash over my chin as she comes. I leave her c.lit alone, allowing her to

recover, as I lap up her tangy juices, and go back to licking and sucking her labia, spreading my tongue wide as I lick up her slit.
Varand starts talking fast, having to stop

periodically to catch her breath. The old cargo aliens wait for her to finish, before answering back.
[b]’She just told them how good that felt. She was very detailed. They chose a good subject for this test. She is very analytical.'[/b] The way Vage’s words

float across my vision is very scientific, which seems at odds with what is going on in the middle of the room, but I’m glad that my efforts are paying off. Maybe I won’t have to take her virginity after all. If she is like a human that way, it will hurt her, and that may be the end of it all. I’m

pretty horny though, and looking over to Loveth again, I see that she now has her pants on the floor, and is busily rubbing her I can’t help but smile inwardly as I sent, [b]’Pervert,'[/b]

mentally to my sister.
Apparently I’m not the only horny person in the room. Even Vage is lightly running her fingers along her nak.ed skin. I only then notice that she

doesn’t have on her light suit.
[b]’The seniors say that that is okay, but the real test will be the intercourse. They are getting impatient.'[/b].
[b]’Ask them if they want to do this,'[/b] I testily snap back mentally, losing my good mood, and then

realizing she is about to do just that, I quickly add, [b]’No wait. Don’t. I’ll get on with it.'[/b]. I trail kisses up Varand’s body, stopping for a few seconds on each of her darker pink nip.ples, and hear her softly moan. I kiss up near her ear, and

whisper, “This first part might hurt. I am truly sorry for that. I promise it will feel better in a bit.”
I quickly pull off my Cr7 pants, and kick them away.

The young angel nods, and I start to rub my

hard ccck against her vulva. She starts to moan, and even hunch her hips against me, when the older alien suddenly speaks, startling me.
[b]’They already know this part will hurt. That is expected. Do not forget that she also has the Wangers, and is communicating with them, as we

are.'[/b] Vage sends to me.
I feel like an idiot. Of course she’s telling them everything mind-to-mind; Varand probably only speaks out loud, when she wants us to know

what she’s saying.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 4, 2017 — 9:04 pm

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