Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 132

A Story Written By Queenliz…
Mrs Stilinski glances at me surreptitiously, before continuing, “But you probably don’t want to hear

about how lonely it is for an old lady. Anyway, I went to see Doctor Darous, but he says nothing is wrong with me. In fact, he says that my body is acting like it’s almost twenty years younger.

Oh, here we are. After you, Mr. Smith.”
I step into the energetic nurse’s office, her hand on my lower back, and sit down where she

indicates. She grabs some alcohol and gauze, before returning back to me, grabbing a stool, and setting it between my legs. She cleans the cut on my hand; or rather, the blood from my palm.
The Wangers have already closed the cut for me.
Mrs. Stilinski looks astonished at my appendage for a few seconds, flipping it over, and then rubs

her thumb across where the blood had been.
“Huh, what do you know,” she says in wonder. “The blood had to have come from somewhere.

. .” She continued to rub my hand, and despite my worries and concerns over the last couple days, her light caresses of my hand are starting

to turn me on. When her light caresses turn into a hand massage, I finally look back to her face, and see her staring intently into my eyes. “It’s been so long since my husband died,” she tells me. “I get so lonely, sometimes. . .” She grabs my other hand, and starts to rub it, and I know

instinctively what she is going for. I’m curious to see how far she’ll take it, without any action of my own. Even though she is sitting between my

legs, rubbing my hands, her eyes never leave mine, and I can’t deny that she looks years younger than she had before Xmas break. It looks like she wants something from me, so I give her a slight nod. It seems to be enough. “I know how stressful it can get for you students.

Even during the start of a new semester. All new classes, no idea what the new professors are going to expect from you. Finals are over, but

that only means you have a whole semester to look forward to more of them. Why don’t you

take off your shoes, and lay back on the table?”
I do as she requests, setting my shoes and socks next to the examination table, and laying back.
Mrs Stilinski takes my left foot in her hands, and digs her thumbs into the meat of the pad. It feels really

good to get a foot rub, and I’m soon relaxing to the older woman’s touch. With all of the stress over the holiday break, and then learning that the

bokoharms are coming early. . . Well, this is just what doctor, or nurse rather, ordered.
“Just relax, and let me take care of you,” she

croons softly. Taking my right foot next, she starts to give it the same treatment that the left had received. “You know, Mr. Stilinski and I used

to be swingers.” I’m so relaxed at this point, that I just take the news in stride. I know where this is

going to lead, and think that it might be a good release for me. 
“You wouldn’t believe some of the parties we used to throw.” She’s working on my

calves now, and seems to be speeding up.
“Sometimes I’d have five or six men in me a night and even played with the ladies. Pvssy, lips, ccock, arse, I didn’t care, but you know what I like the most?” I shake my head as she starts to rub my thighs. “Swallowing their” As she says this, she unzips my Cr7 pants, and pulls out my mostly hard ccock. She looks at it for only a second, before groaning, and shoving her mouth

as far down it as she can.
I moan as I feel my head hit the back of her throat, and then louder, when it goes in even deeper. No one has ever been able to truly deep-

throat me, as my girth is too large to fit down their esophagus, but somehow this talented older woman is taking me deeper and deeper down her gullet. She must have some phenomenal

muscle control in her neck.
Her skill is flawless. She takes me as deep as she can for a few seconds, pulling up for air while her

hand works quickly on my fully rigid member, then drops back down to take me into her throat again, humming as best she can. Every time she

pulls up, spittle connects her lips to my ccock, and it’s turning me on, like no other blow.job ever has before. It takes her a few bobs before her lips hit my pelvis, and a few seconds later, I lose control,

and start shooting my spunk directly into her

stomach. She continues to gag herself while I unload, and when I finally collapse back, she pulls her lips off my quickly shrinking ccock.
“Mmm, thank you,” she tells me, making sure none of my semen has escaped her mouth. Her

talent is such, that none does. “I think you are sufficiently relaxed, now.” She smacks her lips,

smiling, “And Doctor Darous did say that I need to add more protein to my diet.”
“Thank you! Mrs Stilinski” I shoot back, feeling much better.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 8, 2017 — 2:00 am

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