Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 133

A Story Written By Queenliz…
“Thank you! Mrs Stilinski” I shoot back, feeling much better.

Then I realize I haven’t done anything for her. “Do you want me to. . .?” I ask, pointing to her.
“Oh, no thank you Mr Smith. I actually got off myself, so I’m good. But come back if you ever need to

relax.” I promise her that I will, and leave her office feeling better than I have in days. I’m still worried about the bokoharms, but somehow I think

everything will work out in the end.
I have only one class with Professor Jane,

but it’s right after lunch, and I have another class

immediately after that. Prof Jane smiles at me, but otherwise treats me just as she does the other students. I wonder if she’s hoping for a

repeat performance, but other than a couple of sly smiles, she doesn’t act any different than normal, so I don’t try anything. Unfortunately (or

maybe it’s fortunate considering the few smiles the professor gives me), neither Tina nor Stephanie is in this class.
Tina had come by to see me the day after I’d gotten back from finding out the bokoharms are almost here, but nothing she’d been able to do,

could cheer me up. 
How odd it seems now, that one blow.job completely out of the blue, can turn my mood around. 
Tina had left saddened, and

disappointed. I feel bad for her, but I can’t tell her the real reason I’ve been so depressed.

I start to feel down again, just thinking about it, and am about to give her a call, when Mary calls

for my attention.
“What’s up, Mary?” I ask, wondering what she wants. Stephanie is nowhere in sight, and I can sense her switch on the other side of campus. I

marvel at how I can feel my switches from even further away now. I really am getting stronger.
“I’m hoping to talk to you, if I can?” she tells me innocently; too innocently, if you ask me, as red flags wave in my mind. I remember what

Stephanie had said about this woman stealing her past boyfriends, and am wary. Mary is cute, and I know she has a fantastic body, but I have no intention of hurting Stephanie. I know I can use my

switches on her to have her, and make her forget, or even make Stephanie okay with it, but I’m still uncomfortable with the thought of manipulating people with my ability. 
Stephanie is the first woman to truly like me for me, without

having to use my switches on her. The fact that she is a geek like myself, is just icing to the cake.

I know I still need to practice with my ability, though, so I use it on inanimate objects, more often than not. I’m getting good at making them

quickly and easily, but I’m not sure how much my practicing is going to help. What good does turning on lights, starting cars, or opening doors do against a horde of bokoharms coming from their Sambisa to devour humankind? I guess it is slowly making me stronger, but still doesn’t give me an idea of how

to use my ability.
Mary clears her throat, and I realize I haven’t

answered her. “Sure, what do you need?” I try to keep my voice level, and not sound suspicious of her. It won’t do to upset Stephanie’s and Mary’s

newfound friendship if I’m wrong about her.
“Can we talk somewhere a little more private? I don’t want to discuss it out here where anybody

else might hear.” I raise my eyebrow at this suggestion, even more alarm bells going off in my head. “It’s about what happened the other

night at Stephanie’s, and I don’t want people to think I’m a s.lut.” Well, that sounds legitimate

“Sure,” I tell her, looking around. I see a corner we can stand in, which will allow us to see if anyone comes close enough to hear, while still

being public enough that I’m fairly sure Mary won’t try anything. A small part of me is thankful for

Mrs. Stilinski’s blow.job; I’m sure to think with the proper head right now.
When we get to the corner, I see her grimace slightly, but she looks around, before saying

quietly, “I think I know a way that I can convince Stephanie to allow us to be together and no longer be off limits.” I raise my eyebrow again, and she hurries on. “I’m not trying to steal you from her,

I promise. It’s just that sometimes it’s nice to

have a dicck in you, and while I really enjoy what Stephanie does for me, I want more. Who better than you? I know she trusts you.”
Ha! I think. I know Stephanie doesn’t, else why would she be so adamant about what I’m allowed to do around this other woman?
“I don’t know,” I tell her uncertainly. It isn’t that I’m adverse to the thought of fvcking this beautiful golden blonde haired woman, just that I

really don’t care to hurt Stephanie, who has done nothing but care for me, but Mary isn’t about to give up, though. 

To Be Continued…

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