Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 136

A Story Written By Queenliz…
When I see that we’re heading to the parking lot, I begin to worry that maybe Stephanie intends to get in her car and drive off. 
When we get to her

vehicle, however, she unlocks the door, and

waits for me to get in the passenger seat. It isn’t going to get much more private than this, right now.
“So start talking,” she tells me, her voice stiff with emotion. Stephanie’s sitting with her hands in her lap, and staring into her steering wheel, as if it might impart some wisdom to her.
“Before that night in the freezer, I slept with Tina, from Professor Jane’s class,” I begin.
“But that was before we were together in the freezer. It doesn’t count,” she tells me stiffly.
“No, it doesn’t, but it didn’t stop that night,” I reply. “You already know about Stacy your sister, at the party. . .” I tell her everyone I’ve been with, holding nothing back, even telling her about Loveth, Alice, and Jane Janet. 
She sits in silence, through it all, until I mention Vage.
“Wait, you want me to believe you’ve been with an alien? Do you think I’m stupid?” Her eyes flash angrily at me, but her tone is oddly soft, and sounds all the more dangerous for it.
“No, I think you are the Smartestpop of Geeky woman I know.” I tell her carefully, but meaning every word. Well, at least the smartest in my age group and not in the world at large. 
“Stephanie, I can prove it,” her eyes lift

in disbelief. 

“She gave me an ability that I think of

as switches or Triggers. Anything I can conceive of as a

switch, I can affect. I can also sense those

switches. That’s how I’m always able to tell you apart from Stacy. I made a switch in you,

but not one in her. That’s why you could never trick me, after the party.”
“You made a switch in me?” she asks, obviously not believing me. “And what does it do, make me fall stupidly in love with you?” The bitter quality to her tone feels like a knife digging into my chest,

but at least she’s listening.
“No. I think of it as a [size=10pt]’happy'[/size] ;D switch. If I move it,

you’ll feel happier,” I tell her, while looking

shamefully at my hands.
“So why don’t you move it now, and just make me happy? Come on. I’m tired of feeling angry, and hurt, and sad, and betrayed. If you really

have this ability, make me happy,” she demands of me, but I’m not going to cheat at this. Her emotion is genuine, and I don’t care to create fake

feelings in her.
“I won’t manipulate you like that. I’ve never used that switch, other than to sense whether I’m

dealing with you, or Stacy. I can still prove

it, though,” I hurriedly tell her, as I sense her

anger rising. 
I think for only a split second, and her car starts up. It’s too easy for me to do it, as I’ve been starting cars since practically the first day.
Stephanie jumps when her car starts, and she digs the keys out of her pocket. She looks from her steering wheel, to her keys, and back to me for a few seconds, before she can gather enough words to speak.
“That’s a fluke. Some trick you’re playing on me. Did you install one of those automatic starters

when I wasn’t paying attention?” I know she is just trying to rationalize everything.
I shake my head, and just for theatrics, snap my fingers and turn her car off. Her eyes grow wide, and I know I have her complete attention now.
“Okay, so you have some strange power. I still say you should prove it by making me happy,”

she says, obviously still upset with me.
“I don’t want to manipulate you,” I try explaining to her again, but she won’t have it. Sighing with

resignation, I start to push against her [size=10pt]’happy'[/size] ;D

switch. It takes some serious effort to move it. I think it’s because she’s primed against it. The simple fact that it moves at all, shows how much I’ve grown in power over the last few weeks.
Once it starts to move, however, I notice an

immediate change in her demeanor, and it

becomes easier and easier to move. “See,” I tell her, once I have it all the way on, 
“You’re happy

now. Satisfied?”
“Oh my. . . I. . .I can’t believe it. I AM happy. I was so angry a moment ago, but you really can do it!” she nearly titters.
Not feeling comfortable with myself, or what I’ve

done, I start to move the switch back off, but she stops me, sensing what I’m doing. 
“Don’t you dare take this away! Okay, you want me to believe, I believe. Just don’t take this away. You’re

better than an anti-depressant.” She looks at me with a slight smile on her lips, but it slowly straightens out on its own. 

“You still cheated on

me though. . .” Feeling sick and disgusted, the words are out of

my mouth before I can stop them. 
“I didn’t cheat, because we weren’t officially together….” I take a pause when i felt a little drop on her [size=10pt]’happy'[/size] ;D switch.

To Be Continued…

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