Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 137

A Story Written By Queenliz…
Stephanie drops her chin to her chest, as she contemplates that, and I feel her ‘happy’ ;D switch slip a little more. 
“You’re right. If you’d have said that a few minutes ago, I probably would have

blown up, but I can handle it now. You may think of it as manipulating me, and it probably is, but I

want you to know that I appreciate you moving that. . . switch.” 

Stephanie looks back up at me then, before asking, “Are there any other switches in

This time it’s me that breaks the gaze, and I nod.
“Two others,” I murmur, feeling her ‘happy’ ;D switch drop a little more.
“And what do these other switches do?” Her tone is level, but I can feel the ice beneath.
“Remember how nervous you were before Prof Jane’s final?” I wait for her nod, before continuing. “I made them to help you

remember things easier, and to increase your confidence.”
Stephanie’s emotional switch ticks up a bit, but oddly her words are juxtaposed with her emotions. “I

thought you didn’t want to manipulate me?”
“I wasn’t manipulating you,” I defend myself. “I

gained nothing by helping you out. You were so worried, but I knew you could pass it on your own. I just tried to give you a bit of a boost, is all.”
Stephanie doesn’t respond for awhile, and her switch doesn’t give me any clues as to what she might be thinking, either. 

Finally after a few minutes she asks, “I don’t understand why this alien gave you

this ability, though. Is it just to mess with the human race?”
I’m glad she’s sitting down, as I know the next part might be the hardest to explain, and believe.
“No, she did it to try to save all of us.” I explain to her about the ßokoharms, how they gained their

technology, and then turned and used it against their teachers, the aliens. 
“The ßokoharms will be here in a month,” I conclude.
“And you’re supposed to be able to stop them with these switches of yours? How are you going

to do that? Make them all happy and start dancing na.ked? or start their cars?”

Stephanie asks me, and despite the guilt I feel for using her switch, I’m glad it’s removed most of her

“My sister, Loveth, has the same gene I do, but her ability is different. She magnifies my ability,

but in order to do so, we have to be touching.” I tell her, fearing her wrath will return.
“Touching? How much touching?” she asks

hesitantly, and I know she is thinking about me being with Loveth.
I take a deep breath before answering. 

“The more contact we have, the more powerful my ability,

and the easier it is to both sense, and manipulate my switches.” I tell her about what happened

with my father, as an example.
Stephanie is silent for a long time, and I’m afraid she is going to blow up. When she finally speaks, it’s

with a calm I don’t expect. 
“You mean sèx.”
“Not if I don’t have to,” I tell her. “If I can do it without having to resort to that, then I won’t go that far.”
“You’re not stupid, Nick,” Stephanie berates me instantly. “I know in anime and on TV they always wait till the last second to use their full power, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Besides, it’s not like you haven’t already slept with her.” 

She surprises me by grabbing my hand

and looking fiercely into my eyes. “If I’ve ever meant anything to you, then I only ask one thing.”
“You do mean something to me,” I promise her.
“That’s why I’m telling you all of this, Steph, I also trust you. I’ve never told anyone all of this. Tina knows about my ability, but she doesn’t know

about Vage, or the ßokoharms. Loveth only knows because of her ability. I want you to understand. .

. No, I need you to see what I am up against.”
Stephanie shakes her head at that. “No, I know you can make me forget if you have to, by using one of

your switches, and don’t tell me you wouldn’t, because you don’t want to manipulate me.” I

marvel at how smart this woman is, and how well she knows me. 
“I love you, Nick, and I don’t want to lose you.” She pauses to take a breath to

steady herself, before continuing. “I want to be there, when you fight against these ßoko race.”
I open my mouth to protest that it will be too dangerous. That Vage’s ship will be the first casualty if I fail, but she covers my mouth with her hand. 
“I’ll be there, or we’re done.” She moves my head up and down, forcing me to agree with it, and I can’t help but laugh. “Now get out of my car. I have a lot to think about, and I want to make sure they’re my own thoughts.” 
I know she doesn’t think I can actually control her thoughts, but understand her motives.
Silently I step out, knowing that she needs her space. I’ve done all that I can. The rest is up to her. 

Before she pulls away, she rolls down the

window and leans over. “Oh, and Nick, all of the others stop, unless I’m there.” Stephanie speeds away before I can even think of answering her.

To Be Continued…

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