Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 14


A Story by Queenliz…

The sudden
absence of Stephanie’s body heat next to
me made me shiver and i remember we are still in the Freezer.

“I’m sorry. I
shouldn’t have done that,” I

“No,” she said, and I could hear
her move closer to me, her arms
wrapped around my body, “I
wanted it to happen. I’ve wanted
this to happen for a long time,
but…” Stephanie trailed off, and I could
tell she was just as nervous as I
was. “What if the power comes
back on, and someone finds us…
You know…”
This time I was the one to laugh,
but I tried to sound reassuring
as I spoke. “The first thing
Mikel is going to do is count
the tills. It’ll be a bit before
anyone checks the freezer, and
we can slip out before they do.” I
paused, and let my own arms
wrap tightly around her, “And
besides… We need to keep our
temperatures up. I’d hate to
freeze in here.”
Steph tittered, and I knew I’d
won her over. “Keeping our
temperatures up, huh? Is that
what we’re doing?” I felt her lips
along the underside of my jaw,
and turned my face down to
hers, enjoying how soft her lips
felt against mine.
Her tongue pressed against my
teeth, and I opened my mouth to
let it in. Our mouths writhed
against each other, as her hands
roamed my back. I let mine drop
down to her Buttocks, cupping a
cheek in each hand.
“Oh, really?” she giggled playfully,
breaking the kiss.
“Absolutely,” I replied, more
confident now as I groped her
more firmly.
Her hands slid down my back, till
she had a hold of my own rear.
“Oh yeah?” She gave my cheeks a
squeeze, and this time I had to
laugh at her playfulness, till her
hands slid around to my front,
and grasped my manhood
through my jeans. “Holy Shtt!”
she stepped back from me for a
second, and I wondered what
was wrong this time. “Is that
thing for real? It must be huge!”
Her hands were then fumbling
with my zipper, and despite the
cold air, when she pulled my
dickson out, it stood tall and
firm. It was a little odd, doing this
in the complete dark, but it just
seemed to add to the eroticism.
“Mmm, I can’t wait to see this in
the light!” she declared, gripping
it around the middle. Her fingers
weren’t able to make it all the
way around, and despite myself, I
was grinning from ear to ear
(not that she could see it).
“Why, thank you!” I told her, the
words turning into a moan, as
the cold air surrounding my cocckk
was wonderfully replaced by the
warm, wetness of her mouth.
Placing my hands on the back of
her head, my moans grew in
volume, matched only by the
slurping, sucking noises she was
I could feel her saliva dripping
from my balls as her tongue and
soft lips slid up and down my
shaft. Every time she pulled away,
the cold air would immediately
cool where her mouth had been,
only to be re-warmed a moment
later, as she swallowed me back
into her mouth. The eroticism of
the whole thing was starting to
get to me. Unexpectedly she
pulled away and pinched me at
the base of my cocckk.
“I know your close, but not yet.” I
think she stood up, and I heard
her fumbling with her clothes,
before she gave a sharp yelp.
“Damn, it’s COLD! Hurry up and
slide that in me before the saliva
freezes. I need someone warm
against me.”
Blindly, I groped my way
forward, till I felt her Buttocks facing
me. I grabbed my large meat, and
started to rub the head against
her already sopping wet slit. We
both moaned at the contact, and
I couldn’t stand the cold much
longer, so I gave a shove, feeling
the tip of my dicckkk punch past
her inner labia.
Steph grunted
saying, “Holy fvcck, that thing’s a
beast! Hurry up and warm me up
with that thing. I’m freezing!”
Obligingly, I started moving my
hips back and forth, slowly
sinking deeper and deeper into
her hot crevice. I kept my hands
on her hips, and helped move
her against me, as we slowly
screwed in the pitch black
freezer. After a few minutes, I felt
myself hit her deepest parts, and
she grunted again.
“Okay stud, fvck me hard now!”
Her words were like music to my
ears, and I picked up our pace.
“You are TIGHT!” I exclaimed, as I
pulled all out but the head. Her
pvssy seemed to clamp down
hard on me as I did so, only to
suck me back into her, till I hit
bottom again and again. Some of
me was still outside her, but I
was more worried about hurting
her, than trying to get completely
in her.
“Ung… Thank… You…” Steph
grunted in time to my thrusts. I
felt her stand upright, as her
hand snaked to the back of my
head, and pulled my lips to her
turned face.

To Be Continued…

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