Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 146

A Story Written By Queenliz…

[]Without waiting any further, Tina slides off my

face, and impales herself on my JT, facing away from me. 

She isn’t as wet as Stephanie had

been earlier today (despite my moaning getting

her ready), and it takes her a number of strokes,

before I hit her deepest parts.

I feel my girlfriend’s tongue lick my balls, before

travelling up, and I know she’s licking Tina’s c.lit

by the way the blonde’s c.unt starts to twitch

around me, and she begins bucking as she has

her first climax of the night. Luckily the small

break from the titty-Bleeping is enough that I don’t

lose my semen at the same time.
Stephanie climbs on the bed next to us, and I watch

in amazement as she starts to suck on Tina’s

bosom, and I can feel her hand down near where

we’re connected, rubbing the other woman’s

pvssy. Stephanie’s arse is within reach, and I try to

slip a finger into her, but she pulls my hand out.
Stephanie breaks off pleasing Tina, and leans her

head down close to mine.
“I’m still too sensitive from earlier. Let’s just

concentrate on her tonight, and maybe another

night, you can have us both.” She seals her

words with a kiss, and then starts to lick Tina’s

juices from my chin and cheeks, making me

moan as this turns me on, which in turn makes

Tina shudder in pleasure..
The sound of my voice still has a strong effect on

Tina and as my voice reaches her, she comes yet

again. She leans back, supporting herself on her

arms to either side of me, and gyrates her pelvis

against mine. I moan again at how good this

action feel, and reach up to start fondling Tina’s

tìts again.
With my face clean, Stephanie goes back to giving

her attention to Tina. 

Since the blonde’s tìts are

covered with my hands, she bends over our

legs, and starts licking Tina’s pvssy again.
Tina pulls off me, unexpectedly, and Stephanie

swallows my rod immediately in her mouth,

keeping it warm, and cleaning the other woman’s from it.
“I want you in my arse,” she turns her head to tell

me, and I smile back at her. She then remembers

Stephanie, and I see her pout for only a second,

before asking, “I better let you have some first.”
My ccck comes out of Stephanie’s mouth with a

slight pop. “No, I want to see him fvck you in

your small arse.”
Tina smiles and you’d think she’s a kid that’d just

been given an entire indomie store, as she pulls the

recent redheaded woman up for a kiss,

murmuring, “Thank you,” before shoving her

tongue into the other woman’s mouth.
Stephanie grips my throbbing member, and starts

rubbing it back and forth, from Tina’s pvssy to

her arsehole, spreading the slick liquids. Without

warning, Tina slams her hips down, timing it just

right and I slide into her tight colon. Thankfully I

still have enough of Stephanie’s saliva left on me to

lubricate the penetration.
Tina’s sphincter feels wonderful as she slides it up

and down my engorged manhood. Something

feels a little different this time, however, and it

takes me a moment to realize that I can just feel

Stephanie’s fingers separated from my ccck by a

thin bit of flesh. Tina starts to go wild, as Stephanie

fingers her. Her colon grips and massages me to

my own orgasm, and I drop my third load that

day into Tina’s arse.
Once more Nancy’s question flutters through my

pleasure-fogged brain, and there is no arguing

that at this point, I truly am happy with my life. . .

Until I recall that the stupid ßokoharms will be here before

too much longer.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 15, 2017 — 7:20 pm

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