Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 148

“Please, Mr Smith, understand that what I did was wrong,” she continues. “In my years of teaching I have never crossed that line with a student. I still don’t fully understand why I did so with you. I hope you don’t harbor any ill will towards me for what I did, or for saying that it can’t happen again.”
To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I had truly enjoyed my encounter with the Sekxy professor, and even with the guilt of knowing that I’d manipulated her into it, I’ve looked forward to further escapades with her. I see that she’s looking at me, waiting for an answer. I still don’t want to speak though, and influence her unduly. When I give her another nod, she grimaces, but continues.
“I’ve put in my resignation here, and have already been accepted in another college across state.” Her tone is sad now, and I feel sorry for her.
“No,” I say, before I can think better of it, and see her shudder slightly at the sound of my voice, but I go on. “You don’t have to do that. I promise not to tell anyone, and we don’t have to. . to you know. . .” for some reason I have a hard time saying S£x in front of this professional woman, despite what we’ve done together. I figure it has something to do with the formal attitude she’s portraying, and don’t want to be the first one to say it.
“But I do, Mr. Smith,” she insists. “Even as you speak, I feel myself being drawn to you. I can’t risk losing my career over the desires of my body.” Her face grows stern, and she looks at me harder. “Make no mistake; I’m not saying that I’m in love with you or anything of that sort, only that I can separate lust from love.”
Only then do I realize that she blames herself for what we’ve done. It’s not her fault, and I truly feel bad for my part in it, but can see that she’s determined to go, no matter what I say. If I were willing to use my switches on her, I can change her mind, I know, but I’m still not willing to cross that line again.
But I don’t have to use my switches. I remember how she’d behaved as I’d dominated her before Winter break.
“I understand,” I tell her. “You’ll be missed,” I say, and despite my earlier reservations about not feeling up to anything, I want to show her just what she’ll be missing. I quickly sense for Stephanie’s switch, and note that she is only one building over. She had basically freed me from the requirement of being with her, when it comes to other women. A freedom I’m going to exercise now.
“I have already ensured that you will pass my class, this semester. I have no doubt you would have done it on your own. Professor Clark will be taking over Math Club practices from now on. I’ll be here until the end of term, but will ask that you don’t say anything to anyone until after I’m gone.” She sounds depressed.
Professor Clark is an alright kind of guy, but he is no Jane Janet. She will be sorely missed in Math Club practices as well.
“I won’t tell anyone,” I tell her again, mentally thinking other than Stephanie, who I’d already told, but I feel sure she won’t say anything to anyone about it. “But I don’t want you to go, either.” My voice is soft, but firm, and she looks up at me, wondering. “You can’t go, Janet. I won’t let you leave.”
I’m not sure whether her shudder is from the sound of my voice, or the authority I’m pouring into my tone.
“Wh—What do you mean?” her voice tremors, and I can feel myself getting hard already. “You can’t—“
“You’re mine, Janet,” I cut her off, leaving no doubt about what’s in my mind. “I’m not willing to free my slave.” There is almost a pleading look in her eyes, and for just a moment, I think to back off. Then I look at her more closely, sensing her switches. 
Her nip.ples are rock hard, and her crotch is soaked. She’s not pleading for me to back off, but to continue.
I take a step closer to this mentor, this woman who has been the subject of countless wet dreams over the years, and know she is putty in my hands. She sits frozen as I lift my hand to the side of her bre.ast.
“No,” she whispers, her voice barely audible. “We can’t.” Her heart isn’t in it.
“Take off your shirt,” I order her, and enjoy the shudder that spreads through her body, and know she’s getting turned on more and more.
She shakes her head, mumbling something about it being wrong.
“I said, take, of, your, shirt, slave.” I pause between each word, to emphasize the command, while simultaneously rubbing her stiff nip.ple through the layers of her clothing..

She breaks, and she’s unable to hide her small smile as she grabs the hem of her shirt, and pulls it up over her head. 

“What would you have of me, master?”

A warm smile splits my lips, as I gaze at Janet’s lovely chest. “I would have you pleasured, slave.” As the word ‘SLAVE’ leaves my lips, I can feel her arousal increase dramatically. 
“Take off your skirt,” I order her next.
Janet’s in complete submissive mode, and moves with alacrity to do my bidding.

To Be Continued…

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