Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 151

A Story Written By Queenliz…
Seeing the new fireball in Emmanuel’s hand, it finally occurs to me, that these must be the two that have been burning some of the other experiments that Dennis had told me about.

Just to be contrary, I shout, “No thanks. I prefer the power of the devil.” Okay, so I’m no James Earl but by some of the snickers in the crowd, my humor isn’t completely obtuse. I attempt again to make a switch, this one smaller, intending to turn off his flame, and once again Emmanuela calls out, and I’m scrabbling to get away. This time I’m not quite fast enough to escape completely, as flames start licking up my right leg. It only takes a second to put it out on the snow, but the heat had been intense!
I don’t even bother trying to make a switch this time. I’m not sure what exactly the redhead is able to do, but those chrome eyes seem to be capable of seeing beyond normal sight.

It takes me a moment to get my feet under me, and I can already tell that my leg is badly burned like an over burned bread. 

I’m surprised that they’re giving me the opportunity to stand, until I realize that they don’t really fear me. They know before I can attack, and act quicker than I can. In fact they’re just standing there, waiting for me to either give up, or attack again.
What is the deal with these two? Flying, superhuman sight, fireballs. . . Wait a minute. . .
‘Vage,’ I send to the mother of my unhatched children, I know she’s always watching, 

‘How do they have more than one ability?’ Thankfully the siblings don’t attack, while I’m communicating. She probably can’t see the transmissions from the wangers.
‘They only have one ability, each. They are able to draw other abilities from those diamonds around their necks.’
‘You mean that those gèms are from the others they’ve killed?’ 

I can’t hide the shock that I feel.
‘Yes, his ability is to be able to crystallize another’s ability. Her gene allows her to see those with abilities. They are twins.’

Basically I’m up against two dragöns, with my switching ability. Well, if Collin Morgan was brave enough to do it, then so can I.
If only I had his immunity to fear. Or Zèddìcùs Zùl Zöränder. Yeah, the seekèr’s wizärd would really come in handy right now.
Despite the cold air, there is no mistaking the steady trickle of sweat dripping down my spine.
Thankfully communicating with the Wangers is nearly instantaneous, and only a couple seconds have passed since I regained my feet.
“Last chance, dèmon. Surrender now or prepare to fight,” Emmanuel intones solemnly.
The word ‘demön’, applied to me, sets my teeth on edge, and my decision is made. Not that I really have much of one to make.
‘If this goes badly, please be ready to get me out of here.’ I quicky send to Vage, and I don’t wait for a reply, before running right at them, doing my best to avoid the pain in my leg. I have enough time to register the shock on their faces; they were likely expecting me to run away, as I create a switch to solidify the air in front of me. 

Despite Emmanuela’s warning, the shock of my bräsh action makes Emmanuel hesitate just long enough for me to get the switch made.

If there was more time, I would have sighed in relief as the switch forms. I wasn’t sure if it would, after failing to do anything of the sort while playing bèer pong so long ago. My powers truly are growing and maturing.
Emmanuel’s fireball explodes against my shield, momentarily blinding me, and eliciting a whole new set of gasps from the gathered crowd. 

That crowd. . . That foolish D.S.T.V and Höllywööd brainwashed crowd. . . I shake my head, and prepare my next switch, hoping I have the time to make it, as I feel the switch for my shield start to burn. Now THAT is an uncomfortable feeling!
The switch to kill their abilities doesn’t form.
“Brother, he has the ability to change the qùäntum state of things,” Emmanuela states.
Qùäntum state? I’ve never looked at my ability that way, but it makes sense.
The last of my shield melts away in a ball of orange flame, and I start moving again, this time to the side. I debate on trying to tackle one of them, but for all I know, they may have superhuman strength stored in one of those diamonds. Maybe if I can get those necklaces off them.
A quick switch later, both necklaces’s cläsps let go, and they fall from their chests. 

The fireball that is already speeding towards me vanishes, and I turn to tackle Emmanuel.
A couple feet away, I leap for the young man, and a freight train runs into me, knocking me aside.
I roll to the side, as soon as I hit the ground, and pain flares through my side. Bones are broken, I have no doubt. Looking through blurry eyes, I can just make out Emmanuela gripping her necklace, her hand outstretched in my direction.
“Nick?!?” I hear Stephanie’s frantic scream from the crowd.
“Dammit!” I attempt to swear, but blood spìttlè comes out instead.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 17, 2017 — 9:50 pm

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