Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 154

A Story Written By Queenliz…

]A small part of me notices Loveth’s not wearing a b.ra, and I’m grateful for the extra skin that will be in contact with me. 

I command the ship to bathe us and the babies in the healing yellow light, not knowing if it will be necessary, but wanting every advantage I can have. 

I feel Loveth pulling down her pants, hindered slightly as we hug, and then she works on mine. They hit the floor a second later, and she wraps one leg around mine, and places the other between my legs. I close both of my legs, and know it’s now or never.
This is about the most physical contact I’m going to be able to have with her, short of actually having s3x. Intercourse is the furthest thing from my mind right now, as I start to form the group switch, and attach it to all six babies.
I try to push it, but nothing happens. Did I overdo it with Janet and the Pokemon twins? Am I not recovered enough from the damage they caused? I push harder, then harder still on their ‘life’ switch. I don’t know if it’ll work, but I know I can sense them, and how can I do that, unless they’re still alive, but too weak to register to Vage’s advanced technology. 
I notice that the switch I’d made is not completely off, and that gives me some measure of hope.
Groaning, I throw everything I have behind the switch, and some distant part of me hears Loveth moan as well, but I ignore it as I feel the switch move a little. It’s just a tiny bit at first, but as I continue to shove against the switch, it picks up speed. Some small part of me notices that something is running from my nose. Most likely blood. My ears start ringing again, and we tumble to the floor, too weak to support ourselves.
Just before I blackout, again, from the effort of moving the switch, I hear a small, almost imperceptible yawn.
* * *

I wake with a start, as fear courses through me, followed immediately by a massive pain in my skull, and I collapse backwards onto a soft surface.
“He’s awake,” a voice says, sounding distant, but I recognize it as Stephanie’s.
What’s she doing here? I wonder, and then realize that I must have been dropped back off at home, after I. . .

I sit up again, as I remember why I was unconscious in the first place. “My kids,” I croak, wondering at the sound of my own voice.
“They’re fine,” Loveth tells me, as my eyes try to adjust to the light. Something doesn’t seem right. Everything has a yellow tinge to it, which throws my augmented vision off.
So Loveth is here too. By the sound of her voice, she’s doing better than I am. “You saved them, Nick. I’m so proud of you. You did it!”
I feel a hand grip hold of mine, and give it a squeeze, but I still can’t focus my eyes. I know the hand is my sister’s, because I can sense my switches better, and can even feel the one that I’d made for the six little babies.
“My eyes,” I say, glad my voice is improving a little as I speak. “I can’t seem to focus.”

I feel someone take my other hand, and know from the switches I sense that it must be Stephanie. 
“Vage says you caused some damage to yourself, saving your kids. The wangers and this yellow light are working on healing you, but it’s going to take a bit.” That’s nice, I think, the yellow light will get me better in no time. 

Wait. . . Yellow light. . . In my room? I slightly remember Vage using it that night in the basement, and relax. 
“Nick, you really had us worried. We understand what you did, but it almost killed you.” I can hear the fear in her voice, and pull the blurry blob that I know is her to me for a hug. Loveth hugs me too, and I’m grateful to sense my switches increase. At least I haven’t burned that out.
“How long until the bokoharms arrive?” I ask, afraid of how long I’ve been out.
“They’re still outside our solar system,” Loveth says, and I relax. Fear about being out of commission for too long, and missing the invasion leaking out of me.

Then I remember the twins.
“Those two,” I have to swallow, and clear my throat, “the ones that attacked me. She can sense where I am. They might be on their way here, right now!”
Stephanie laughs softly, before replying. 

“I wish them luck.”

I turn my blurry gaze to her, confused. My eyes are finally able to start focusing, and I can make out Stephanie’s concerned face.
“If they can get up here, then they’re too powerful to stop, anyway,” Loveth states.
My eyes finally focus completely, and I can see we’re in the blue featureless room. I groan as I realize I’m on the ship, and not in my room. My head is in Stephanie’s lap. 

“Why are you here, Steph?” I ask my girlfriend.
“Ouch,” I hear my sister say a moment before Stephanie shoves my head from her lap.
“Maybe because I was worried about my boyfriend, after watching them fry and pummel you on campus.” I can hear the hurt and pain in her tone, and realize my mistake immediately.

To Be Continued…

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