Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 16


A Story by Queenliz…



Lights flashing across my
closed eyes woke me

“the idiot is awake,” a harsh whisper
sounded in my room, ” be quick,
silence him!”. Another voice boomed out from my room.
A thick hand covered my mouth,
and it was only then that I
decided to try making noises and raise any hope of waking Dennis or be silent for ever.
More hands grabbed me, and
held me down, as the one with
the flashlight came closer to me,
and turned the light so I could
see his face.
It was Richard.
“Looks like it’s payback time,
nerd,” His eyes were cold in the
beam coming off of his flashlight,
and in a panic I reached for his
switches. His fist was faster, as it
connected with my jaw, and I
saw stars.
* * * * * *
My jaw was the first thing I felt
as I woke up. An odd moan
sounded from somewhere, and it
took me a few moments to
realize it was me. My mouth
didn’t feel right, and I soon
realized there was a gag
between my teeth. Keeping my
eyes closed, I hoped to fool them
into thinking I was still out, but
my muffled moan had already
given away the ruse.
“Looks like our little nerd has
come back to us,” I heard
Richard’s taunting voice come
closer to me at the same time I
felt his switches approaching.
“Looks like he needs a little
encouragement to WAKE UP!”
Richard punctuated his words
with a fist to my gut, a split
second before I could move his
switches. My eyes bulged, as all
the air in me was forcefully
expelled, and my stomach
writhed in pain. With my eyes
now open, I could see that I was
in someone’s unfinished
basement, tied to a support
beam, my arms behind me.
“Good. I’m glad to see you’re
back with us,” Richard’s voice had
become menacingly cold. “We
want to have a little talk with

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 28, 2016 — 6:11 pm

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