A Story by Queenliz…

Tina looked up at me then, but
dropped her gaze back down
“I-I…” Tina trailed off.
Two hands grabbed my head
from behind, and turned my face
towards her. Their fingers dug
into my cheeks and temples as
the hands held my head firmly.
For a moment I debated on using
my switches to stop this whole
farce, but stopped myself. I had
to clear my name first. I was no
rapist, not now, not ever!
“Look, Tina, the nerd is helpless.
He can’t hurt you,” Dan’s voice
said right behind me, as I pushed
harder on Tina’s ‘guilt’ switch.
“I can’t,” she finally blurted.
“Man, you must’ve done a
number on her, nerd,” Dan
said. “That’s okay… We’ll do you
even worse, I promise.”
“No!” Tina yelled, and every eye
in the room turned to her.
Richard went over to console her,
but she shook him off. “I lied,”
she confessed, tears streaming
down her face. “He didn’t Molest
me.” Her voice had gone
tremulous, and she buried her
face in her hands as she sobbed.
“What are you saying?” Richard
asked; confusion painted across
his face.
Tina looked at him then, and I
could see anger in her red
rimmed, tear stained eyes. “I’m
saying I fvcked him, and enjoyed
every minute of it.” Everybody’s
jaws dropped but mine and
Tina’s. Richard just had a pained
look on his face. “I seduced him,
but felt guilty about it, so I lied to
you. But I can’t… I can’t let you do
this to him, when he’s innocent.”
“Like hell he’s innocent!”
Surprisingly it was Dan who
made the statement, and not
Richard. “He still screwed with
your girlfriend, Rich. I say we
teach him a lesson, and make
sure he never touches another
man’s girl again.” I felt the man’s
fist hit my right kidney hard a
moment after he released my
head, wracking my body with
pain all over again. I’d like to say
I took it like a man, but it HURT!
“No, Dan.” Richard’s voice was
barely a whisper, and I wasn’t
sure if I’d heard him right,
through my agony fogged brain.
“Untie him.” He turned his back
on Tina, and faced the rest of the
room. “It’s one thing to beat up a
rapist, but I won’t hurt a man
whose only crime is being
seduced by this Sluut.”
“Richard, I…” Tina reached for
Richard’s shoulder, but he yanked
it away from her.
The large man walked up to me,
and stared me in the face. I could
see that he hated me still, but I
had to give him some respect for
his actions. He helped untie me,
and I turned to face the room. I
knew it was wrong, but I felt like
I needed to get revenge. I quickly
made two new switches in each
man, and Tina.
I flipped the first, and watched as
their eyes grew large, and their
bodies became completely
paralyzed. I walked up to Dan
first, and had to look up at him,
as Tina was the only one in the
room shorter than me. I reached
up with my right hand, and
pinched the base of his neck
where it met with his shoulder.
Simultaneously, I flipped the
second switch, and smiled as he
fell asleep. To everyone else, it
would look like I’d given him the Nerve Pinch. A truly geeky
I looked to Richard’s other four
friends, and couldn’t bring myself
to do anything to them. Sure they
had helped kidnap me, but none
of them had struck me, only
watched. I released their
‘paralyze’ switch, and told them
to go. To a man, they fled that
small basement, beating each
other out of their way, in their
haste to get away from me.
Turning back to Richard, I felt my
anger flare up again, until I saw
his eyes. They say the eyes are
the true mirror to the soul(a Nigerian Quote), and if
that were true, Richard was in
hell. There was no fear in his
eyes, only pain, and hurt, and
betrayal. “Go,” I said quietly (I felt
that phantom switch move
again), before I could change my
mind, and released him too. As
he ran up the stairs after his
friends, I noticed that his pants
seemed a little bulky around the
waist, and thought he must be
wearing a pampas. No wonder his
pants had stayed dry.
Finally it was just me, Tina, and a
softly snoring Dan in the dim
basement. I debated on giving
Dan a few kicks, to pay him
back for the kidney punch, but
realized that the fight was out of
me, after seeing how broken
Richard had become.
Turning to Tina, I released her,
and watched as she crumpled to
the floor, crying. “I’m so sorry,”
she sobbed, her face once again
buried in her hands. “I didn’t
know they would take it this far.”
“Get up,” I demanded, my voice
as cold as the storm had been
earlier today. She looked up at
me, and I felt my anger rising

To Be Continued…

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