Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 184

Written By Queenliz…
“Rukky,” Stephanie says, and truthfully that seems to be answer enough. Apparently she’s figured out a way to make them more protective as well. 
Once again I’m glad the Asian woman is on our team.
“Well,” I say, trying to come up with something to change their minds, “I can’t make you martial arts specialists with my switches. There’s no switch for kung-fu master. You will need someone like JetLI or Jackie Chan for that”

Mary laughs, and I turn back to her. “Steph told us that you made her smarter and her memory stronger before one of her finals. All you have to do is increase our muscle memory, and agility, and we will give JetLI or Jackie Whatever a run for his money. Moreso those wangers should do the rest, with training from Rukky.”

I really have no answer for that. They’re right. It could work, and with Rukky helping, I have no doubt she could guide them to the bridge. 
My heart plummets, as the thought of them in danger worries me.

‘Give up, brother. You won’t win this.’ Somehow I’m not surprised that Loveth is watching this.

“But, it’ll be dangerous,” I say weakly, still not wanting to relent.

“Any more dangerous than being down here, if a ship makes it past you?” Stephanie asks, and I drop my head in defeat. Mrlemuel asking why can’t I use my switch to make them change their obstinate minds?.. Yes, I could use a switch to make them change their minds, but I won’t. This is their choice, and they’re doing what they can to help. What right do I have to deny them that?

Stephanie’s fingers under my chin lifts my gaze to meet hers. 
“Thank you,” she says softly, knowing that she’s won. Her lips brush mine, and then she’s hugging me tightly. Then all of them are hugging me.

I’ve never known three such people who were happy to be put into harm’s way. Hell, I wish I could get out of it, but as I’ve already thought numerous times since I’ve learned about Earth’s impending fate: ‘Duty is heavy as a mountain; death is light as a feather.’
Hell, I’m too young to die, and thinking about the three women with their arms around me, too lucky.

Stephanie is the last to pull away from me, and her blue eyes are nearly dancing with joy. “I know this isn’t easy for you, but thank you.” Her lips are then pressed to mine, as she kisses me passionately.

I’m breathless by the time she pulls away, and before I can suck in a whole breath, Stacy is kissing me. I swear I’m blue by the time she pulls back with a whispered “Thank you.”

Thankfully Mary doesn’t immediately kiss me, and I’m able to suck in a couple breathes.

“Aren’t you thankful, Mary?” Stephanie asks, and I can hear a smile in her tone. I have just enough time to look from my grinning girlfriend to a suddenly squealing Mary, before her lips are pressed to mine, as she moaningly kisses me.
After a bit of her powerful kissing, Stephanie speaks up, “Okay, that’s enough thankfulness,” and Mary pulls away with a sheepish grin on her pretty face. “Oh, don’t pout,” Stephanie tells the other woman, “You can help me suck his dickson.”

Mary squeals in delight again, while Stephanie begins undoing my precious Cr7 pants.
Flashes of my earlier dream, about not being able to get it up flash through my mind, but I shove it forcefully to the side. With these two hot women, and I can see Stacy is getting undressed, I have no doubt that I’ll be hard in no time.
Sure enough, as soon as my Bazooka is free, Stephanie swallows the engorged head between her lips, making me moan. 

Mary’s lips start to work on my scrotum, and I place my hands on the backs of their heads.

‘Why did you change your mind on Mary?’ I mentally ask Stephanie.

Her answer is awhile in coming, and I just enjoy the sensations the two women are giving me. In fact, Stacy’s feet are planted on both sides of me, and her fragrant cu*nt is on my lips, before her answer arrives.

‘Because you’ve been so good to me, and I know I can trust you. You have a lot on your shoulders, and I’m more than happy to offer whatever distractions I can.’

How did I ever get so lucky? I wonder, as I continue to moan into my girlfriend’s twin sister’s cun*ny.

‘I hope you know, I love you,’ I tell her in response to her answer.

‘Gee, what took you so long?’ She must have felt me stiffen, well, more than my bazooka at least, as she continues, ‘You were broadcasting again the other day.’

‘wha—Dammit!’ I think. Why can’t I seem to keep my mind in my own head? ‘Well, that’s one way to ruin the moment. . .’

Stephanie starts laughing so hard, she has to pull away from my rigid pole. Mary immediately replaces her, and I have to admit that she knows how to give good head.
I try to send my disgruntlement to Stephanie, but she only laughs harder to my amusement, or rather, my pleasure..

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