Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 185

Written By Queenliz…

Stephanie stops laughing and says to me,“You’re the only man I know that can be getting head from two women, while sucking on Stacy, my own twin sister’s cl*t, and be upset about telling me you love me!” my girlfriend exclaims, and this time I have to laugh as well.

She really does have a point.
Since she’s talking out loud, I might as well too. “Well, you’re just going to have to put up with my grumpiness, because I do love you, and love you dearly!” I try to sound gruff, but can’t hide my smile as I say it.

Stephanie’s eyes brim with tears, and I think I’ve overdone it, but when she shoves the other two women out of my lap, and kisses me again, I know they’re tears of happiness. She must have disrobed after pulling away from me.

‘Was this the response you wanted?’ she asks.

For answer, I grab her rear, move her above my bazooka, and shove her down while I thrust up. She feels fantastic, as I slide up into her warm Aso rock. Her kiss turns into a moan, and then she has to place her head on my shoulder as I work my way in deeper.

My girlfriend’s right earlobe is near my mouth, and I use my tongue to pull it between my teeth, and give it a little nibble. Someone grabs my left hand, and I look over to see Mary, now completely nak*ed, as she guides my fingers towards her cu*nt.

My middle two fingers slip in with ease, and I crook them to rub firmly against her front wall, making her moan in delight. She starts to twiddle with her cli*toris, and I watch as her eyes roll back in her head in pleasure.

Stephanie’s moans change in pitch at the same time I feel her womb strangle my phallus, and another presence between my legs. Looking down her back, I can see Stacy’s face buried in her sister’s a*s.

Mary is the first to Pour, thrashing on the couch next to us, as I pick up the pace with my fingers. As she comes down from her orgasm, she pulls my fingers from her, leans over, and gets Stephanie’s attention.

The two women start sucking on my fingers, sharing Mary’s Pour, and sending me to new heights of lust. I start pumping my hips harder, and I feel Stephanie’s vag*ina grip me hard as she cums on my pole.

My girlfriend rolls off my lap, and onto Mary, but my John Thomas isn’t free for long, as Stacy sucks it in between her lips, and cleans her sibling’s Pour from it. The other two women are hungrily kissing, fingers buried in each other’s pussees.

“Now it’s my turn for this beast,” Stacy states as she stands up and turns around. Sitting back in my lap, my cocck between her legs, she starts to rock her hips, as my dickson rubs along her slit. It feels good, if different, but I definitely prefer to be inside a woman.

Thankfully she doesn’t do this for long, before shifting her hips and standing up a little, then sinking back into my lap, this time with me inside her.

“Oh, fork, Stephanie,” Mary cries beside us, and I look over to see that my girlfriend has her whole fist inside Mary’s sucking cu*nt, a b00b in her mouth, and the other b00b getting rolled between her fingers.

“Fork, right there! Yeah! Oh, gawd, your making me Pour again!” The erstwhile rival starts shuddering again in bliss.

“Their pretty hot to watch, aren’t they?” Stacy asks, and I can only nod. “If you’re done watching them, I could use a bit more attention.”

Embarrassed, I turn back to the brunette, and turn her head to kiss her passionately, while I grip her thighs, and force her fully down on me. I slip into her womb, and she cries out into our kiss.

“Oh gawd, I’d forgotten how deep you go,” she yells, breaking our kiss. Reaching around her body I grip a firm bre*ast in each hand, and lightly twist her nippl3s. After a few seconds of this, I drop my right hand down to her crotch, and it only takes me a second to find her cl*t, and then she’s cumming fiercely, her juices dribbling down my balls and onto the couch. I don’t let up on her cun*ny, until she pulls my hand away, still shuddering, and mumbling, “No more. . . No. . . more.”

Looking over to the other two women, I see their looking at me wide eyed.”

“What?” I ask.

“You don’t normally last this long,” Stephanie says, and then before I can answer, she turns to Mary. “Are you ready for that?” Stephanie asks, nodding to my sloppy bazooka.

Mary squeals again, and I realize she likes her squeals, as she turns and kisses Stephanie some more. Her rear is in the air, and I stand up, to get behind her. Between how wet my cocck is, and her dripping slit, I slip into her, up to the hilt in one slide. I’m surprised that I’m fully seated inside her, without feeling her womb wrapped around the tip of my bazooka, until I remember her getting fisted by Stephanie a bit ago…


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Updated: Mar 9, 2017 — 1:17 pm

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