Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 19


A Story by Queenliz…

Tina had told them
that I’d ra*ped her. Truly I had
used my switches to turn her on,
and make her pvssy wet, but I
couldn’t control her mind! I
didn’t force her to do anything.
And for that, I had been
kidnapped, tied up, and beaten.
Thankfully my name was clear
now, though I wondered what
the others would say of the
aftermath. I said,

“get up!”.

As I
spoke, I finally found the
switch that kept
moving without any effort from
me. It was a switch in Tina; the
one I had used to make her wet
every time I spoke, but now it
was working on its own, without
my control.
Slowly Tina stood, and I tried to
be patient, but I was still
seething inside.
“Nick, I’m so sorry–”
“I don’t want to hear it,” I cut her
off. “Right now, I am in a lot of
pain, and have no idea where I’m
at. I need you to take me home.”
Oh, how it galled to tell her that,
but I really had no clue where I
was, and didn’t feel like trying to
walk through the snow, till I
found out. I was just glad that I’d
fallen asleep in my work clothes,
shoes and all.
“O-Okay…” Tina stammered, and
followed me up the stairs. “I’ll
take you home. It’s the least I can
Damn straight, it’s the least you
can do, I thought, but didn’t say.
The night air was frigid as I
stepped outside, and followed
her to her car. Every step hurt,
and every breath was a chore,
but none of it compared to the
pain I’d suffered from overusing
my ability.
The drive home was short, and
Tina continued to prattle on
about how sorry she was, and
how she would make it up to me.
I just closed my eyes, and let her
talk, wishing I could use switches
on myself, so that I could block
the pain.
When she pulled up to my
apartment, I got out, and was
surprised when she did too.
“What are you doing?” I
“You’re hurt. I want to make sure
you make it alright.” I was in too
much pain, and too tired to
argue, and truth be told, it helped
to lean on her a little bit, as we
walked up to my apartment.
I dug the keys out of my pocket,
expecting that she would leave
then, but she followed me in.
“Oh,” I heard an exclamation as I
walked into the lit dining room
to find Dennis awake, “what
“A little misunderstanding,” I
said, sarcasm dripping from my
“I tried to stop them,” Dennis
said earnestly, “but Dan held
me down as they carried you out.
He told me not to call the police,
or they’d come for me next.”
“And where were you?” I turned
and asked Tina.
“I was brought into the
basement after…” She replied
quietly. “Richard said he had a
surprise for me, and had me
blindfolded. When he removed
the blindfold, they had you tied
I just nodded, too exhausted to
care anymore. Tina followed me
to my room, and I wondered if
she was going to help me do
everything from now on.
“Go home, Tina. Your mom is
probably worried about you. I
can take care of myself.” I could
still feel that switch moving every
time I spoke, making her Kittycat
wetter, and then turn back off
when I stopped. I wondered
briefly if I had accidently trained
her like one of The Nigerian’s police dogs.
“My mom will be fine. Let me help
you, and then I’ll go.” Once again,
all I could do was nod, as Tina
helped me out of my shirt and
pants. Part of me wondered
what tale she might spin from
this night, but I hoped she had
learned her lesson. She gasped
as my shirt came off, and lightly
touched the two forming bruises
that were already dark on my
ribs. Her touch was light, but still
made me flinch. My pants were
next, and they hit the floor,
revealing my ‘Armitage’ (one of
my favorite anime’s) boxers. For
a second I wondered if she was
going to follow me to the
bathroom as well, but thankfully
she let me do that in peace.
When I returned to my room, she
had me lie on my stomach.
“Just relax,” she told me. “Let me
give you a massage. It will help
you sleep.”
Help with sleeping was the last
thing I needed, I was so weary,
but a free massage wasn’t
something to pass up either. A
small part of me still didn’t trust
her, but I could feel her ‘guilt’
and ‘concern’ switches still fully
on. Also, knowing that Dennis
was in the apartment helped.
Her fingers worked wonders on
my back and shoulders, and
thankfully she avoided my right
kidney, and the sides of my ribs.
As her fingers dug deeper, I
could feel my muscles (such as
they were), start to relax. Just as I
was about to fall asleep, she
moved off me, and told me to roll
over. Obligingly, I did as I was
told, and gave a low moan, as
she started to rub my feet. Her
thumbs dug into the underside,
tops, and even between my toes,
as she worked my feet, and a
small feeling of euphoria spread
across my body.
“I’ve been told I give the best

To Be Continued…

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