A Story by Queenliz…

Truly, If Tina did this every night for a
month, I thought, she might
actually begin to make it up to
Tina’s hands began to work my
thighs, and the feeling of
contentment continued through
my body. It wasn’t until she was
working on the tops of my
thighs, near my groin, that I
realized I had gotten hard at
some point, and was now
poking out of the top of my
boxers. Tina just ignored it,
though I knew she couldn’t miss
As she finished with my thighs,
she straddled my legs, and
started working on my stomach
and sides. The middle of my
stomach was still tender from
Richard’s first blow in the
basement, but Tina’s fingers
seemed to work magic. As her
hands slowly worked up to my
chest, I noticed that her body slid
up too, till she was sitting right
on top of my rock-hard rod,
while she was working my
shoulders. Her whole body was
moving on top of me, and it was
only making me horny, instead of
relaxing me.
“What are you doing?” I asked,
feeling that switch inside her
move again as I spoke. Her hips
were now moving with their
own rhythm, sliding up and
down my partially covered Dickkk,
as her hands worked my neck. I
could sense that her ‘horny’
switch was fully tilted now.
“Making recompense,” she
Horny as I now was, I was even
more wary. “Uh-huh… And have it
end like last time?”
Tina sat fully upright, and ground
her denim covered crotch down
on me. “Dennis, are you still
listening at the door?” She asked,
turning her head towards the
closed door. I could see his
shadow underneath it, and
almost had to laugh to myself.
The big jock who could usually
get any girl, was listening outside
MY door. Thinking about the fact
that he was a jock, I thought
about how happy I was that he
played basketball, and not
football, else he would have likely
been in that basement too.
Dennis didn’t respond to Tina’s
question, but she continued as if
he had. “I want to make it clear
that everything I do in here
tonight, I do of my own free will.”
She turned back to look at me,
and I could see hunger in her
hazel eyes now. “There, now you
have a witness.” Her hand
snaked down, and started gently
rubbing the head of my cocckk.
“You don’t really want me to
stop, do you? Goodness knows,
THIS big fellah doesn’t want me
to stop.” Her fingers wrapped as
far as they could around my
manhood, and gave it a squeeze.
Deciding quickly, I yelled towards
Dennis’s shadow, “I hope you
heard her, ’cause I’m gonna
make her moan!” Hey, I might still
be mad at her, but I wasn’t about
to pass up a free screw.
Tina giggled, as she grabbed the
hem of her shirt, and lifted it up
over her head. Underneath, she
was wearing a white frilly bra
that brought her ample bosom
together to emphasize her
“You just lie there and relax,” she
told me, “I don’t want you
hurting yourself. Let me do all the
work.” She bent over, and lightly
pecked my lips, before moving
her mouth gently across my left
cheek, to just behind my ear. I
reached behind her, and easily
unsnapped her bra, as I felt her
breath tickle the hairs at the
nape of my neck. Tina softly
nibbled her way down my neck,
along my pecks, till she could
bring my right nip*ple into her
mouth. I rather enjoyed the
sensation, as her tongue swirled
around the areola, making it
stand up tall and proud.
I let out a small moan, and noted
that even that made the switch
move that controlled the wetness
of her pus*sy. I let out a louder
moan, as a test, and felt the
switch move even more. Tina
also gave a slight shudder as I
did, and I wondered just how
much she was enjoying this. Part
of me didn’t want her to get any
pleasure from it, but I have never
been a selfish man.
As her lips travelled down my
abdomen, I noticed that my door
had opened slightly, and Dennis
was peeking through the small
crack. That’s right, I thought,
watch as I get a piece of action
from one of the hottest babes on
campus. I really was going to
have a witness to her
I forgot all about Dennis
watching when Tina’s lips
stretched around the head of my
rod, and her tongue started to
swirl around the ever sensitive
rim. Another moan escaped me,
and Tina began to bob up and
down, slowly taking more and
more of me into her mouth. I
was too big to fit down her
throat, but she gave it a valiant
effort, often gagging in her
attempt. Soon my moans were
nonstop, until she started to
really shudder, and I knew she
was cumming.
Her head lifted, and she looked
me in the eyes with a piercing look.


To Be Continued…

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