A Story by Queenliz…

Tina looks at my face and ask “What is it about your cockk
that makes me Pour so easily?” I
could only shrug; glad she
thought it was my cockk, and not
me manipulating her through my
switches. Tina rolled onto her
back, unsnapped her pants, and
almost ripped them off, before
rolling back onto me. Licking my
shaft from balls to tip, she kept
going until her tongue was in my
I could feel her pusssy start to
press against the tip of my penniss,
and moaned into her mouth as
her pusssy swallowed the first
couple inches inside of her. “Oh,
Gawd! I forgot how big that
thing is,” she told me, flipping
her head back. At the same time,
I notice Dennis slip quietly into
the room. He already has his cockk
out, and is gently stroking it, as
he watched this hot blonde
woman slip further and further
down my rod. Despite myself, I
couldn’t help but notice that he
was well endowed, if not quite
so well as I am.
My mind is taken from Dennis’s
presence as I hit bottom in her.
Tina looked down between us,
then back up to me, with a
slightly pouting expression. “One
day, I am going to get all of you
in me,” she promised, before
sliding back up, and then
slamming back down till I hit
bottom again. I moan as she
does this, and can feel her inner
muscles tighten as I do so.
I decided to give Dennis a bit of a
show, and grabbed an Buttocks cheek
in each hand, spreading them,
and giving my roommate a great
view of my cocKk sliding in and
out of her cunt. Tina’s tits were
bouncing just inches above my
face, and I lifted my head up a
bit, grunting at the slight pain in
my abs as I did so, and suckled
one of them between my lips. I
let out a really loud moan as I did
so, and suddenly Tina was
cumming hard on top of me. I
started to thrust my hips,
pounding in and out of her,
when an idea occurred to me.
Slipping two of my fingers on my
right hand down to where we
were one, I could feel her juices
sloughing around my cocckk as I
made her orgasm last. I tried to
shove the fingers in also, but she
was too tight around the girth of
my pennis. I contented myself with
just rubbing my fingers around
that area, till they were nice and
slick from the juices that were
leaking out. By this point Tina
had come down from her
orgasm, but she was still
moaning loudly.
I brought my two slick fingers up
to her puckered Buttocks*hole, and
started rubbing against her
sphincter. She tensed
immediately, and stopped all her
“No! I’m not into that,” she
protested, but I gave my loudest
moan yet, while simultaneously
mashing on her ‘horny’ switch,
as I slipped one finger in to the
first knuckle. It was enough to
make her Pour again. She still
remained still, other than her
orgasmic shudders, while I
continued pounding her from
underneath. “Damn, that felt
good, but no more,” she said, but
I switched nippples, slipped my
second finger in, moaned, and
mashed the switch again,
bringing her to yet another
I started to move my fingers in
and out, as I moved my hips up
and down, and this time when
her orgasm subsided, she was
matching my pace. When I
slipped a third finger into her
colon, she grabbed my face away
from her teat, and mashed her
lips to mine as she came again,
this time with no additional help
from me.
“My Gawd, what is it you do to
me? I’ve never Pour so much, so
quickly, and with your fingers in
my Buttocks too…” She looked hard at
me for a moment, and then
seemed to come to a decision. “If
I let you back there, will I be
forgiven? No one has ever been
in my Buttocks.”
I considered for a moment, but
decided to be honest with her.
“It will be a start, but it will take
more than that, to repair the
damage you caused.”
She nodded to me, gently lifted
off of me, and I pulled my fingers
from her bum. As she pulled
away, I noticed for the first time,
just how soaked I was down
there from her juices. We
wouldn’t need any lube.
She reached down between us,
gripped me at my base, and
started to rub the tip between
her cheeks. I moaned in
anticipation of the feeling of
sliding into her rectum, and
watched as she shuddered to the
sound. I felt her gently press
down, and felt the pressure build
against my cockk, until suddenly
there was a release, and I was in
her Buttocks.
“Hold on,” she told me
breathlessly, “let me get used to
it. You feel even bigger back
there.” Her chin was resting on
her chest, and her hand still held
my cockk. After a few seconds I
felt her start to move carefully,
taking me inside her colon, bit by bit. I could feel every centimeter, pass through Tina’s sphincter at a snail’s pace allowed me to enter.
After almost two whole minutes
had passed, I couldn’t hold back anymore, and moaned loudly.

To Be Continued…

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