A Story by Queenliz…

The fact that it was her
arse, and that she was one of the
hottest girl in school wasn’t
lost to me, and I started spitting
my seed deep into her bowels.
For what seemed like an eternity,
I was lost in my own bliss, as
wave after wave of pure bliss
crashed over my body, washing
away all the pain and hurt I had
suffered that night.
When I finally started to come
back to myself, I groaned as my
ribs, abs, and jaw also brought
their pain back to my attention.
The second thing I noticed was
that Tina was actually shaking
and shuddering atop me, her
mouth mashed to mine, and her
pusssy making a puddle on my
Tina rolled off of me about the
same time I noticed Dennis slip
from my room. I had completely
forgotten about my roommate.
“If I had known it would feel that
good, I would have done that
YEARS ago!”
I rolled over, and immediately fell
asleep, ignoring her.
* * *
I woke to the soft sounds of
music playing on my
phone. What few hours of sleep
I’d had, had been peaceful and
dreamless, but too short.
“Mmm, ten more minutes,” a
voice mumbled next to me, and I
looked over to find Tina, still
na*ked, lying next to me. I more
fell than stumbled out of bed, as
the memories of all that had
happened last night washed
through my brain. Had I really
been kidnapped, beaten, and
then afterwards fvcked Tina?
Looking down at my own na*ked
form, I could easily see the
bruises on both sides of my ribs
and my stomach. Tina moaned
again, and as quietly as I could, I
slipped from my room. Images of
Tina on top of me, my cockk fully
sank into her Buttocks haunted my
thoughts as I poured my cereal.
“Some night, huh?” Dennis asked
me as he walked out of his room,
and I realized I still wasn’t
wearing any clothes. He looked
as tired as I felt.
“Umm, yeah,” I replied stupidly.
“So tell me,” the jock said
solicitously, “can you still call
yourself a geek if you fvck a chic
like Tina in the Buttocks?”
For a few seconds I can only
stare at Dennis after he asked me
that. Then the memory of him
slipping out of my room slipped
into my mind, and I couldn’t help
but laugh.
“Got any coffee?” A tousled and
very sleepy Tina asked as she left
my room. She had at least taken
the time to get dressed first, and
despite how I felt about what
she’d put me through, and being
all disheveled, I couldn’t deny she
was beautiful.
“Yeah, I’ll make some real quick,”
Dennis jumped up to do just that.
Tina sat down next to me, while
she waited for her coffee, and
gave me a small smirk when she
noticed I was still na*ked. “I hope
you don’t want me to make it up
to you anymore this morning. I
don’t think I’ll be walking right
for a week.”
Embarrassed despite everything,
and not wanting to talk and start
turning her on, I quickly ate my
breakfast, then escaped to my
room while Tina and Dennis
talked. I thought about taking a
shower, but didn’t want Tina to
try joining me, so I just grabbed
some wet wipes, and scrubbed
myself clean that way.
Tina offered me a ride to
campus, but a quick look outside
showed that, while overcast, it
wasn’t snowing, and I told her I
wanted to walk, so I could think.
She nodded, though she had a
sad look in her eyes as I turned
her down.
The crisp cold air seemed to
cleanse the fog from my mind as
I walked, and I really began to
wonder what was happening
around me. Somehow some of
Tina’s switches had gone on
autopilot, and I wasn’t sure how
to explain that, other than some
sort of mental conditioning. I
also wondered just where my
new abilities had come from, and
even why me? Based on what
Dennis had been telling me, I
wasn’t the only one with new
abilities, but the others seemed
to have very different abilities.
The walk was too short for me to
sort everything out in my mind,
and it didn’t help that I ran into
Darren bent, one of the guys in
the basement last night, as soon
as I walked into one of the
“Hey, Nick,” he hailed me, “Got a
second? I wanted to talk to you
real quick.”
“Sure,” I told him, wishing he’d
just leave me alone.
“First of all, I really want to
apologize about last night. We
thought we were going to beat
up a rapist, not someone who
was innocent.” I only nodded,
wondering if he was going
somewhere, or if he was just
rattling on. “Richard is pretty torn
up about it, but he wanted me to
apologize for him too, if I saw
you.” We walked in silence for a
bit before he started talking
again. “Listen, there is a party
this weekend at my place, and I
want you to know you’re invited.
Should be pretty happening, and
I know there will be lots of
women there. Can I count you
“Sure,” I told him again, hoping
he would leave me alone if I
“Good! I’ll email you the address.

To Be Continued…

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