Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 24


A Story by Queenliz…

I turned to my left and side to be going, only to hear him hold my hand and says,”Bring a date if you want, just not
Tina. I’d better get to class… Oh,
and one more thing…” He
hesitated, but I already knew
what was coming next. “Please
don’t tell anyone about last night,
okay? It could get us all kicked
off the football team.”
I was right. But truth be told, I
didn’t want them talking about it
either. I had used my switches
on everyone there, and I didn’t
want word to get out about that
Every class was a torment, as it
hurt to just breathe, or even sit
there. Bending over my books
and taking notes was even a
chore. I got quite a few odd
looks from the massive bruise on
my jaw, but no one said a word
about it.
At lunch I was surprised to have
everyone but Richard and Tina
appear next to me, as I sat and
ate. I did notice Tina walk in, see
me sitting with everybody else,
and even at that distance, I could
see the sad look on her face. I
got even more stares from
people walking by, as it was odd
for so many from the football
team to be sitting next to a self-
avowed geek. Bent kept going
on about the party this weekend,
and everybody else offered me
their apologies. I just nodded
when it seemed appropriate, and
spoke as little as possible. I still
wasn’t feeling too sociable.
That is until I got into Prof.
Jane’s class, and noticed the
low-cut blouse, and knee length
skirt she was wearing. Normally I
sat towards the back, but when I
saw her, I chose to sit closer to
the front. Okay, I sat in the front
row. I told myself that it was only
because I wanted to see if my
switches had affected her the
same way they had Tina.
Prof. Jane eyed me as I sat
down, and I could have sworn
she even gave me a small smile. I
almost felt giddy, as I felt for her
switches, and sensed them still
there. I wondered how long the
switches could stay in someone,
and if they could be removed.
Based on the last time I had been
in her class, I knew I could
modify any switch I made, but I
haven’t tried removing any yet.
As an experiment, I made a
switch that would make the side
of her right bre*ast itch, and then
flipped it while she was lecturing
today’s lesson. I felt the switch
move, and I held it on for a bit. I
could see that she was getting a
little frustrated, though she made
no move to scratch it. After a few
minutes, she excused herself to
her office, and I could feel the
switch shudder, and realized she
must be scratching it. I flipped it
to off, and she came out of her
office shortly afterwards.
I watched her for a few more
minutes, and noticed that she
kept glancing at me too. I
couldn’t be sure if it was just
because she was lecturing
though, and tried to ignore it. I
concentrated instead on
removing the ‘itch’ switch I’d just
made, but it didn’t move. I spent
all class trying to get rid of it, but
the only thing I could do was
change where she itched when I
flipped it. Apparently once a
switch is made, it’s permanent.
The bell rang, announcing the
end of class, and I stood up, both
elated at my new discovery, and
disappointed by my failure.
“Oh, Mr. Smith, if you’ve got a
moment, I’d like to talk to you
about your last assignment.”
Prof. Jane’s voice halted me
just before I walked out the
door, and I turned to look at her.
Her cheeks seemed slightly
flushed, and her eyes seemed to
be fighting indecision, but she
waved me back to her office.
“What’s up?” I asked, and was
gratified to feel her ‘wet pusssy’
switch move as I spoke. Prof.
Jane was conditioned as
well, it seemed.
The older woman walked to her
desk, rifled through some
paperwork, and pulled out last
week’s assignment. She
indicated a chair for me to sit in,
while she sat on the edge of her
desk. I was able to get a good
look at her legs, and noticed how
smooth and unblemished they
looked. I wondered if she
worked out to keep them well
The professor cleared her throat,
and I realized I’d been staring at
her legs for too long. Guiltily I
looked up at her, but she only
smiled as she handed me the
“It is pretty rare that anyone
does so well in my class,” she told
me. “The math I teach isn’t easy
for most students to grasp, but
you seem to handle it with ease.”
Her eyes scrutinized me, and I felt
like an experiment in a Petri dish
under a microscope. “In fact, you
seemed to pay very little
attention in my class, until today.”
I gulped, and knew she was
right. Normally I show up to class
just for attendance, and to turn
in assignments, but otherwise let
my mind wonder. I tend to study
the book a week in advance, and
rarely have any questions.

To Be Continued…

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