Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 3


A Story by Queenliz…

Professor Jane’s
computer screen is faced away
from me, so I can’t really judge
with it.
The bell rings, and I stand up to
go, forgetting about Prof.
Jane’s office, till she calls me
back to it.
Her office is small, but neatly
organized, and I sit in a
comfortable chair, facing her
desk. She goes to one of her
filing cabinets, and starts rifling
through it, till she finds what she
is after, and pulls out a manila
“Nicholas Smith,” she intones,
and I can tell from her voice that
she’s not very happy with me,
“4.0 average student, going to
this university on a scholarship.”
Her eyes lift from the folder, and
seem to strike me to my core. “I
have to confess, if you didn’t do
so well in my class, I likely
wouldn’t even know who you
were. You don’t seem the type to
cause problems, so do you want
to tell me what that was about
out there?”
“Professor , I know I
was smiling, but I thought it was
kind of funny, just like the rest of
the class. I don’t have a key to
the switch, so I don’t know how
it got turned off.” But I did know,
because I had done it. Done it
somehow with my mind.
She started talking again, but my
mind is absorbed on what I
might be able to do. I can see her
laptop screen in here, and
imagine it turning off. Again,
nothing happens. Thinking hard,
I try to figure out what is
different. Every time it has
worked, I was thinking about
switching something off, not just
it being off suddenly. Looking to
the laptop again, I imagine
moving a switch to turn it off,
and have to stop myself from
whooping as it suddenly powers
Wondering if I can only turn
things off, I think about
switching it back on, and I can
almost feel the switch move in
my mind, as it starts to power
back up.
“Are you listening to me?” My
professor’s voice cuts through
my thoughts, and I look up to
meet her large brown eyes,
unable to think of what she’d
just said. I can see anger in her
eyes, as I hesitate to speak, but a
sudden thought crosses my
mind. What if I could switch off
her anger?
I quickly imagine her anger as a
switch, with happiness on one
end, anger the other, and try to
move the switch. I feel the switch
with my mind, as I push against
it, but it refuses to budge. I press
harder, but still no movement. I
almost give up, when her laptop
finally boots up, and its startup
sounds distract her, and the
switch moves a little bit. Not
enough to get rid of her anger, I
suspect, but enough to blunt it.
Wondering if I had actually
moved the emotional switch, or
was simply able to sense it, I
decide to try something else.
Perhaps it’s too much to hope to
be able to change a mood so
much, so quickly. While she is
distracted with her laptop, I re-
imagine the switch, but this time,
instead of happiness, I think of
no feeling, and try to move the
switch. It budges slightly more,
but still not enough.
I look at my professor, at the way
her suit hugs her nice curves,
and another thought strikes me.
Maybe I can’t change an emotion
quickly, but can I affect her
physically? I decide to throw
caution to the wind as she turns
back to me, her anger only
slightly blunted, due to my
efforts, and flip another switch in
her, almost sighing when I feel it
move easily.
Prof. Jane’s eyes seem to
grow larger, as what I had done
seems to register to her, but
otherwise she shows no
reaction. She just continues to
stare at me, and I know her
crotch is getting wetter, or at
least I hope it is, because I felt
the switch move. I realize she is
still waiting for my answer.
“I promise you, I didn’t see
anybody turn off the lights, and I
am not certain how they turned
off.” I said, trying to think. It
wasn’t completely a lie, as I still
didn’t understand how this new
power of mine worked.
She continues to stare at me, but
I can still feel the anger switch
slowly moving. I decide that
emotionless is a poor place to
move the switch to, and instead
create a switch to horny,
wondering just what I might be
capable of doing to this mature
and beautiful woman. I can
immediately feel that the switch
in her mind is easier to move, but
still not moving fast.
Suddenly I realize that the switch
making her p*ssy wet has
turned back off on its own. Can I
only use one switch at a time? I
wonder, as I turn that one back
on, and sense the ‘horny’ switch
start moving again. No, I must be
able to do more than one at a
time, I figure, but how many?
I easily flip another switch in her,
making her ni¤pples hard, and
hold back my grin as she starts
talking again. “You’re a bright
student, and I don’t want to see
you get into any trouble.

To Be Continued…

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