Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 4


A Story by Queenliz…

I started to feel Professor Jane’s hor*ny switch moving
faster now, but I have to keep constant attention on the other
two, or they turn themselves back off.

“I will ignore what
happened today, but I don’t want it to happen again.” She is
fidgeting where she is standing.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”
The sudden question distracts me, and I lose my concentration,
letting all three switches go. “Me?

“Never mind, I shouldn’t have asked” she says to me, giving
herself a small shake, and sitting on the edge of her desk.
I immediately recreate all three
switches, but the moment is gone.

“You may leave now, Mr. Smith. Have a good night.”
Cursing inwardly, I walk out of
her office. I had almost had her, I
think to myself.
Outside the classroom, I see Tina
and Richard talking across the
hallway. Deciding to have my
revenge on Richards for all those
years of bullying, I start to switch
Tina’s anger on, throwing all my
frustration behind the effort, and
feel it moving slowly as they talk.
Pretty soon I see Richard start to
get defensive, as Tina’s anger
rises. After only a couple minutes,
Tina starts yelling,

“I’m so sick of
the way you act like you’re some
big tough guy around your
friends, but then act all sweet
and nice when we’re alone!”

Richard looks around, and sees
me watching them. Apparently
he decides to take his
frustrations out on me, as he
stomps over to where I stand.

“You got a problem, nerd?” He
demands, and this time I let my
smile split my face as I flip a
switch in him, and feel it move
with ease.

“No, but by your smell,” I look
down at his crotch, and see a
satisfying wet spot growing, “it
looks like you really needed to go
to the bathroom.”

“I–What the!” Turning bleet red,
Richard turns away from me,
trying to cover the evidence of
his loose bladder, and sees Tina
staring at him in wonder. “I’ll get
you for this, nerd!” He screams as
he starts running down the
hallway, leaving a small puddle

“I’m a geek, dammit!” I yell after
him, laughing.

“I can’t believe that just
happened,” A voice says right
behind me, and I turn to see
Tina’s hazel eyes looking into
mine. “I’ve heard you say that
before, that you’re a geek,” she
said, and I could feel my mouth
go dry. Even a few feet away, her
proximity to me is having quite
the effect. “What is the difference
between a nerd and a geek?”
It takes me a couple of tries to
get moisture back into my mouth
before I can answer her.

and nerds are both
knowledgeable and fanatical
about their interests, but geeks
have social skills that nerds and
dorks don’t.”
Tina laughed, and it sounded like
music to me. “So what is the
difference between dorks and

“Dorks aren’t as smart as geeks
or nerds,” I say, a little easier this
Tina places her hand on my
shoulder, and it feels like
lightning erupts from her touch.

“Look, I’m sorry about the way
he always treats you, he really
isn’t that bad of a guy, once you
get to know him.”

I can’t help but think of all the
years he has bullied me, and just
can’t see things from her point
of view.

“I don’t think I will need
to worry about him much
longer,” I say, instead of what I
am thinking.

“So, if geeks are so smart, I’ll bet
you can help me out with Prof.
Jane’s math class, right?”
Tina smiles at me, but I feel a
knot forming in the pit of my
stomach. I had hoped that she
was better than this, but it is the
same old game: an attractive
woman, appealing to my
insecurities, to get me to do their
work, promising closeness, but
never delivering. It was a game
I’d fallen for many times in the
The only difference was that in
the past, I didn’t have my
newfound abilities. This time, the
game would be different, I

“Sure,” I said, trying to put on a
gullible looking smile.

“Why don’t
you come to my apartment
tonight, and we can go over it?”

“Tonight?” Tina says hesitantly. “I
have to work tonight, but if you
want to come to my place
around eight, I should be home.”
Disappointed that I won’t have
her in my own domain, I reason
that my abilities should work just
as well at her place, plus it will
give me more time to experiment
with my abilities before I go over.
She gives me her address, and
we part ways.
The walk back to my apartment
seems to go by in a blur. Along
the way I turn on and off any
lights, and even start a car as I
walked by it. By the time I arrive
home, I know that I can affect
anything I can conceive of as a
switch, but only within
approximately fifty feet of me.
Also, if I create a switch, it
remains, so that I don’t have to
recreate it again later.
I continue experimenting, as I
plan for this evening.

To Be Continued…

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