A Story by Queenliz…

I see my door opens, and my roomate walks
through uninvited.

“Hey dorky boy, I
have a girl coming over tonight,
so I need you to make yourself
Frustration fills me instantly, at the way he
constantly calls me dork and my
inability to affect myself, and I act
before thinking. I switch on his
intimidation, noting that it
requires some effort to do so,
and raise my voice as I talk to

“I’ve told you, I’m a geek,
not a dork. Get it right for once!”
“O-Okay. Sorry,” Dennis says, his
voice slightly quavering, and I
feel guilty for manipulating him
like this, but if he would only
listen… “You’re a geek, I-I get it.”
He looks at me a little queerly,
and then seems to get his
confidence back, as I feel the
switch I created move back.
“Anyway, think you can do
something else tonight?”
For a moment I am tempted to
stay and screw things up for him,
but the thought of Tina recalls
me to my other plans. “Yeah, I’ve
got plans with Tina tonight
anyway.” I try to reply off-
“Wait, Tina? Richard’s
Tina? So the rumor about you
making him wet himself is true?”
Dennis’s intimidation switch
moves a little on its own, and I
can’t help but smile. Despite that,
I try to act innocent.
“I dunno about that,” I hedge.
“Tina said she needed help with
Prof. Jane’s class, and I said I
“Does Richard know?”
“Do I care?” I retort, surprised by
my own confidence.
Dennis lets out a loud guffaw,
before slapping me on the back.
“You really are a geek, and not a
dork,” he says as he leaves my
The drive to Tina’s house is a
short one, and I note that I am
still a couple minutes early. Doubt
about whether she is really
playing on my insecurities or not
start to assail me, and I wonder if
I am doing the right thing. I
resolve to not use my ability,
unless I find out otherwise.
Walking up to her door, I go
ahead and knock.
An older woman, probably in her
early forties answers the door,
and I immediately think I have
the wrong place.
“Yes?” She asks, and the voice
sounds slightly familiar.
“Um,” I say uncertainly, “I’m here
to see Tina?”
“Oh, you must be the tutor Tina
told me about. Come in.” I am
able to see the similarities in this
older woman and Tina, now that
I look at her. They both have
the same hair colour(though dont know maybe to call it brunette), and slim waists, as
well as a few similar facial
features. “I’m Tina’s mom, Nancy.
She just got back from work, and
is changing. Why don’t you wait
in here, and I’ll let her know
you’re here.”
Despite myself, I can’t help but
admire Nancy’s small rear as she
ascends the stairs. For a moment
I consider using my abilities on
her, but decide I can always do
that later. Tonight I am focused
on Tina.
“She’ll be ready in a few more
minutes; can I get you anything
to drink?” Suddenly it dawns on
me that if Nancy is home, it will
make it difficult to do what I
want with Tina. I create a few
switches in her mind, and hope
she doesn’t travel outside of fifty
feet from me. I’m not sure if the
switch has to be within eyesight
or not, but I guess I’ll find out. I
hadn’t planned on Tina still living
at home. This only confirms that
Tina is only using me. Why else
make sure to have this tutoring
session where her mother is
I realize that Nancy is still waiting
for me to answer. “Whatever you
have will be fine,” I stated, moving
a switch in her that makes her
accept me. It is only a small
switch, and barely moves, as it is
already mostly flipped on its own.
She returns a moment later with
some Sprite and a smile. I notice
she has the same Hazel eyes as
Tina. She really is attractive for
her age, I decide.
“Sorry to make you wait,” I hear
Tina’s soft voice at the stairs, and
turn to look at her. Her hair is still
wet from getting out of the
shower, but she seems to have
redone her makeup, and her
clothes are tight fitting, without
being too revealing. She has a
sweet innocent looking smile
that I have seen many times
before. My doubts about her
intentions lessen even more, and
I start making switches in her

To Be Continued…

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