Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S£x Story)… Part 68

A Story Written By Queenliz…
It takes me a moment to get into Tina’s arse, and a bit of pressure to get my head

past her sphincter, but we gasp and moan, as I

break through.
“Gawd, I needed this! I love how you feel inside

me. Pvssy, arse, mouth. . . Fvck me, Nick. Fvck

me, and wash the name Dan completely away.” The

sadness is gone now, leaving only determination

and desire.

My cocck is plenty slick from her juices, as is her

crack from what had leaked out of her, but I take

my time, slowly slipping my length into her

colon. Slipping my hands under her chest, I feel

Tina’s hard nippl£ between my fingers, as I get the

last bit of my pricck inside her.
“Fvck me.” That one command is all I need, as I

pull out, and slip back into her. I hit a frenzied

pace, and know I’m getting close. I’m moaning

constantly, reveling in the tight feeling her

faecehole is delivering to every inch of my

phallus. It’s not until her fourth or fifth orgasm in

this position that I realize what my voice is doing

to her.
Tina’s sphincter suddenly grips my rod even harder

than before, and it’s too much. We Pour together,

as I fill her bowels with my semen, and collapse

onto her back, kissing the back of her neck as I

unload. It feels like I loose a gallon inside her, by

the time my orgasm and aftershocks finally wash

past me.

I roll onto my back, breathing heavily, and my

skin pebbled with sweat.

She places her head on my chest, and cuddles up

to my side. 
“I think a shower is in order,” Tina’s soft

voice breaks the lethargy that is starting to creep

over me, and I groan. 

She shudders in pleasure,

and then laughs. “Not for me, though I probably

need another one now, too. You positively reek

of S£x and meat.”
We shower together, and I gently wash her

body, massaging as I go, and she returns the

favor. Dry once again, we step back into my

room, accompanied by the unmistakable sounds

of Rose and Dennis going at it.

Tina gives me a wink, before stating, 


watched us have S£x, I think its only fare we

return the favor.”

I smile inwardly, and think she is going to be

okay after all, as she tiptoes towards my

Dennis’s door.

It’s unlocked, not that that matters, and already

cracked open. Did he intend for us to watch?

Tina cracks the door more, and peaks inside,

then turns to me, smiling. My word, but how

good that smile looks on her, right now. Opening

the door the rest of the way, Tina slips inside.

Shaking my head, I follow after the blonde. Rose

is on top of Dennis, his long cockk shoved deep

into her pvssy, and one of her fake tits locked

between his lips. Rose’s long red tresses flow

down her back, and I marvel at the strength she

must have in her abs to thrust so powerfully atop

Dennis. We watch for a bit, feeling myself grow

hard again, until Tina indicates she is ready to go.

As soon as we are back in my room, Tina

ravishes me again, crying out in sweet release as

the day’s events are overlaid with my tender

“Thank you, Nick. I love you,” is the last thing I

hear before exhaustion and bliss overtake me.

A soothing sensation spreads through my body,

slowly waking me up. Feeling really good, I think

maybe Vage’s green/yellow light is on me, but an

odd noise fills my ears. It takes a few seconds for

my sleep bleary eyes to focus, and I moan loudly

as I see what’s happening.

Tina is busily and noisily sucking on my dicck. Her

lips are stretched taut around my girth, and at the

sound of my moan, she looks up at me, and

hunger is in her eyes.

Tina lifts her head from my lap; her soft blonde

hair tickling my thighs, 

“I was wondering how

long it would take you to wake up,” she smiles.
“Good morning to you, too,” I say, returning the

grin. “Why don’t you swing around here, and I’ll

do the same for you?”
“Uh-uh, no thanks. I’m a little tender this

morning. You just lay back and enjoy. You’ve

already done more than you’ll ever know for me.

You were moaning in your sleep. I rather like

how your switches affect me.” Tina drops her

head back down, and I feel her lips brush the

underside of my cocck, while her hand holds the

other side. She runs her mouth up and down me

a few times, then slips my head back between

her lips, and slurps noisily. Her tongue works

around the rim, flicking it, and driving me crazy

with the pleasant sensation.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 26, 2016 — 7:16 pm

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