Must Read: House Of Lust (18+)… Part 15

A Story Written By Jeus… 

Halima and her two friends came down from the car. My dress was stained, I understood why she would do this though. To prove a point to me, She maybe wanted me to be scared of her. I knew that won’t be possible though, I can’t be scared of Halima, I have stayed with her for two years now,and I knew her in and out, at least.

“You were always meant to be dirty, Birch ” Halima Said, laughing. Her other two friends, fringes I would call them,she only conversed  them whenever she needed help and they always ran like dogs to her in a situation like that. Tope and Jennifer were part of some female cult, I didn’t care to know the name.

They are not your regular girls though, I wasn’t still scared of them, we were in public and I would fight, at least try to fight them before they hurt me. 

“Halima, Don’t act stupid. You are only behaving this way based on the anger accumulated from the other day, I heard your rumours are flying, it would be nice if I was actually banging Tech,but I am not.

She and the other girls laughed. The laughter wasn’t because I looked funny, or from what I said, it was because they felt I insulted them. Did i?

“Halima, make we break this babe head, who she dey follow talk like this ” Tope ranted. Jennifer didn’t talk much, she only acted. Halima signalled Jennifer, and she started walking towards me. The observers started moving backwards. I was in this alone. 


She was about to hit me, when another car drove to where they parked. Some guys came down, one of them was Tech. He came with his friends, maybe he got wind of Halima ‘s plan, I thought. 

“Hey, Jennifer, leave her alone, Na Halima dey send you message like her 5 year old sister”. Tech said,moving to the scene. Jennifer still didn’t talk, you would take her for a mute person, if you didn’t know her well. 

Halima, still shocked, started crying. Why was she crying? She was the one forming bosette now. Tope was pissed that Halima was crying, she told her she was moving, and asked if Halima would like to follow them back or continue crying like a Indian soap opera lead character. 

“I love you, tech and I am doing all this for you”. She said before entering the car. They drove as fast as they could from the scene before security personnel would infiltrate. 

Tech just saved me, at least. He deserves my audience.

To Be Continued… 

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